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Spacemen 3 s debut album "Sound Of Confusion", released in 1986, was a blistering affair - establishing their love of the two-chord song and also expressing their admiration for the likes of MC5, The 13th Floor Elevators and The Stooges. Sound of Confusion was 7 tracks of overdriven assault, with a strange bleakness and despair creeping through the hypnotic sprawl.


R Hunter Gibson would later say: "It boosts the value of unlit rooms, unpaid debts and unfeigned terror and it would rather tackle the gradients than settle for level best".

Spacemen 3 - Sound Of Confusion

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  • 1. Losing Touch With Your Mind
    2. 2.35
    3. Little Doll
    4. MaryAnne
    5. Roller coaster
    6. Hey Man
    7. OD Catastophe

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