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Primal Scream’s fusion of indie pop and dance broke down musical boundaries and changed the face of British pop music in the '90s, helping to push dance and techno into the rock mainstream. Their lasting influence is crystallized across nine tracks, on Primal Scream - Live At Levitation. Recorded in 2015 at Levitation in front of underground rock fans from around the world, the LP marks the next release in The Reverberation Appreciation Society’s Live at Levitation series, which captures key moments in psychedelic rock history and live music in Austin, Texas - pulled from Levitation’s extensive archives.

Primal Scream - Live At Levitation

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  • Side A

    1. Jailbird

    2. Accelerator

    3. Kill All Hippies

    4. Burning Wheel

    5. Shoot Speed / Kill Light


    Side B

    1. Higher Than The Sun

    2. Country Girl

    3. Loaded

    4. Movin' On Up

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