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As Warp’s longest serving signing, Nightmares On Wax has been consistently at the forefront of contemporary music, creating a unique blend of electronica, jazz, hip-hop, dub, funk, soul and techno.


Although nine albums in, he may have only just truly stepped into his own groove. Lockdown forced a change of pace and offered some time for meaningful reflection and introspection. Evelyn already had the wheels in motion for making a collaborative album with a variety of guests but now he took this personal element and asked them to run with it.


As a result, he formed creative bonds with new and upcoming talent that slotted in nicely with both the history and evolution of N.O.W.. The likes of Shabaka Hutchings, Haile Supreme, Mara TK, Sabrina Mahfouz. Greentea Peng, OSHUN and Pip Millett all feature.

Here, Nightmares On Wax performs the album live at Pikes Ibiza.

Nightmares On Wax Shout Out! To Freedom... (Live at Pikes Ibiza)

SKU: 5060263729907
  • A1. Imagineering
    A2. Creator SOS
    A3. 3D Warrior
    A4. Miami 80


    B1. Wonder
    B2. Own Me
    B3. Up To Us

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