Along with the Stooges, the New York Dolls were largely responsible for pioneering the sound and attitude of punk, and this, their self-titled debut, is one of the founding documents of post-'60s rock. Outrageous, shambolic, and bursting with energy, the Dolls borrowed from the amped-up, bluesy swagger of the Rolling Stones, the pop confections of Phil Spector, and the campy theatricality that would flower with the glam movement, yet brought it all together with a visceral impact that recalled the jolt of early rock and roll.


They were one of the most important influences on punk - indeed Malcolm McClaren managed them briefly - and spawned Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers who supported the Pistols on the Anarchy tour.

New York Dolls - New York Dolls

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  • 1. Personality Crisis
    2. Looking For A Kiss
    3. Vietnamese Baby
    4. Lonely Planet Boy
    5. Frankenstein (Orig.)
    6. Trash
    Bad Girl
    7. Subway Train
    8. Pills
    9. Private World
    10. Jet Boy