25 years in, 'Vanishing Point' decisively affirms that, even in an age where only the newest of the new can survive (and even then, only for a few weeks at best), Mudhoney still have plenty to say and more to offer. These are songs written from the rare vantage point of a band who went through the rock 'n' roll meat-grinder and not only lived to tell such a tale, they came out full of the wisdom and dark humor such a journey provides. 'Vanishing Point' is filled with dread, psychoanalysis and nuggets-on-fire riffs; the sort of real, uninhibited rock music that is harder and harder to locate these days. with 'vanishing point', Mudhoney makes it easy.

Mudhoney - Vanishing Point

  • 1. Slipping Away
    2. I Like It Small
    3. What To Do With The Neutral
    4. Chardonnay
    5. The Final Course
    6. In This Rubber Tomb
    7. I Don't Remember You
    8. The Only Son Of The Widow From Nain
    9. Sing This Song Of Joy
    10. Douchebags On Parade