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Matt James is a singer, songwriter and former drummer & co-songwriter in the UK guitar band Gene. Gene achieved success around the world including 10 UK Top 40 hits and 3 UK Top 10 albums. They also toured extensively worldwide.

Matt left the music industry in 2008 but returned in 2021 as a solo artist. 2022 sees the release of his debut solo album ‘Breaking The Fall’. 

The album was recorded with acclaimed producer Stephen Street (known for his work with The Smiths, Blur, and The Cranberries) and features contributions from fellow Gene members Steve Mason and Kev Miles, as well as Mick Talbot (The Style Council) and Peredur Ap Gwynedd (Pendulum). 

The album showcases Matt’s inimitable song-writing on highlights including ‘A Simple Message’, ‘Snowy Peaks’, and the singles ‘Born To Rule’ and ‘Champione’. 

Pressed on 180g purple vinyl and featuring an exclusive print signed by Matt James, strictly limited to 555 copies worldwide. One per customer.

Matt James - Breaking The Fall

SKU: 5014797907423
  • Side A
    1. From Now On
    2. Champione
    3. Breaking The Fall
    4. Born To Rule
    5. Sad


    Side B
    1. Snowy Peaks
    2. Different World
    3. A Simple Message
    4. High Time
    5. Fireships

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