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From the folk punk roots of Carry Me, through the anthemic One Way, Fifteen Years and Top 20 hits Hope Street, Just The One and Beautiful Day - more recent tracks such as Truth Is, The Cholera Well and The Recruiting Sgt show the Levellers' mix of scathing political comment and positive DIY attitude to life hasn't dissipated over the years.

Most exciting of all, there are brand new recordings of the Levellers collaborating with contemporary artists re-working some of their classic material. Imelda May is the Queen of all time on Beautiful Day; while Bellowhead and the legendary Billy Bragg help out on Just The One and Hope Street respectively. Finally, lifelong Levellers fan Frank Turner joined the band in the studio - breathing new life into Julie - bringing us back full circle for another generation of the disenfranchised to discover the Levellers for the first time.


Presented as a Triple LP pressed on white coloured vinyl including 20 track DVD.

Levellers - Greatest Hits (3LP+DVD Set)

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  • A1. Fifteen Years
    A2. Hope Street
    A3. What A Beautiful Day
    A4. Dog Train
    A5. Belarus
    A6. The Cholera Well.


    B1. Last Man Alive
    B2. Truth Is
    B3. Fantasy
    B4. Just The One
    B5. Burn America Burn
    B6. Before The End.


    C1. Beautiful Day (Feat. Imelda May)
    C2. Julie (Feat. Frank Turner)
    C3. Celebrate
    C4. Bozos
    C5. Too Real
    C6. Liberty.


    D1. One Way
    D2. Make You Happy
    D3. This Garden
    D4. Julie
    D5. Wild As Angels
    D6. Come On.


    E1. The Devil Went Down To Georgia
    E2. Far From Home
    E3. Together All The Way
    E4. Exodus (Live)
    E5. Happy Birthday Revolution.


    F1. Hope St (Feat. Billy Bragg)
    F2. Just The One (Feat. Bellowhead)
    F3. Carry Me
    F4. Outside Inside
    F5. World Freakshow
    F6. The Recruiting Sergeant (Warchild Explicit).

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