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This was the first new music release from Jimi since Doves’s Kingdom Of Rust in 2009 so a very special release indeed. 

Jimi on Odludek:
“I wanted to make this mad mixtape… the kind you’d pass back and forth with your mates; eclectic as fuck. That’s the way we’ve all discovered music over the years isn’t it? We join our own dots to make it all make sense. As I got into making the record, it felt like I was proving something to myself, making a point that I could do all this on my own. You know — I can play bass, I can play guitar, I can orchestrate. As the methods changed, the original concept stayed intact. It’s me, powering through ideas, kapow kapow, no pause for breath. It’s not trying to be wilfully eclectic; it’s just a reflection of how I schizophrenically devour music.”

Jimi Goodwin - Odludek

SKU: 5051083077996
  • 1. Terracotta Warrior

    2. Didsbury Girl

    3. Live Like A River

    4. Hope

    5. Man V Dingo

    6. Keep My Soul In Song

    7. Oh! Whiskey

    8. The Ghost Of The Empties

    9. Lonely At The Drop

    10. Panic Tree

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