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Welcome to Orville’s Discotheque: a synth-drenched concept album brought to you by indie singer-songwriter from Somerset, Jeremy Tuplin.


Set in a world slightly left of reality, the record tells the story of a flawed disco-enthused antihero and his romantic travails. The album charts the stumble and fall of a self-obsessed dancing antihero and his romantic travails.

Jeremy Tuplin - Orville's Discoteque

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  • 1. It's A Real World

    2. Dancing (On Your Own)

    3. Eugenie

    4. Idiot Love

    5. L.O.V.E.

    6. Love Town

    7. Wonderful Time

    8. futureman

    9. Better Man

    10. Why'd You Go And Look At Me Like That

    11. Devil Dances

    12. The Mirrorball

    13. A Dancer Must Die

    14. Dance On

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