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Lammas Fair is an album of transformation, movement and fluidity. One that encompasses landscapes, nature and wilderness and intertwines them with stories and characters that brings those places bursting to life. Much like the flow of water from the hills to the local towns near Parker that inspired ‘Return to the Sky’, Lammas Fair is an album that travels seamlessly, connecting worlds along the way.


The record was made in scattered sessions between 2020-21 and while Parker’s voice and guitar are the guts of the machine, the contributions from other players are key and elevate the album to a place that goes far beyond singer songwriter territory. Richard Curran adds delicate yet forceful presence with his violin and cello, the ghostly hum of the Fender Rhodes, flute and piano comes from Theo Travis, Hugh Bradley’s double bass dances quietly, Brendan Bache adds deft percussion work, Robert McNicholas’ bass work is both reserved yet rhythmic and Louis Berthoud’s drum work thoughtfully sets much of the pace and tone for it all to swirl around.


The album explores an intersection between past and present, using the groundwork of folk music set out decades and centuries ago and moving it into new terrain, as it explores ideas, themes and lyrics that explore both historic and contemporary settings. The title Lammas Fair refers to a historical annual celebration held across Europe on the 1st August, which heralded the first harvest of wheat.


While on his debut Silent Spring, Parker paid homage to guitar greats such as Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, here he’s evolved into a style that is distinctly his – a meeting between 60s and 70s folk music, the northern moorland landscape and the heavy metal background of his childhood.


Vinyl limited to 250 copies. Spined outer sleeve with full colour inner sleeve with printed lyrics. High quality pressing on black vinyl.

Henry Parker - Lammas Fair

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  • 1. Lammas Fair
    2. Return to the Sky
    3. Travelling for a Living
    4. Fools Gold
    5. Blackthorn
    6. Death and the Lady
    7. Nine Herbs Charm
    8. Given Time
    9. The Brisk Lad
    10. Coming of the Spring

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