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Head Eel Mark "E" Everett purges his soul with a smile on Shootenanny!, as he delivers bursts of bittersweet wit and light-hearted drama. Unlike solemn 1996 epic Electro-Shock Blues and 2001's thorny Souljacker, E's songwriting here puts the emphasis on light melodies and clean pop craft. While his limber genre-jumping often earns comparisons to Beck, there's also some of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy in E's razor-burn voice.

Eels - Shootenanny!

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  • 1. All In A Day's Work
    2. Saturday Morning
    3. The Good Old Days
    4. Love Of The Loveless
    5. Dirty Girl
    6. Agony
    7. Rock Hard Times
    8. Restraining Order Blues
    9. Lone Wolf
    10. Wrong About Bobby
    11. Numbered Days
    12. Fashion Awards
    13. Somebody Loves You

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