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Bunnymen Classics Transformed & New Songs With Strings & Things Attached ‘I’m not doing this for anyone else. I’m doing it as it’s important to me to make the songs better. I have to do it.’ Ian McCulloch This new studio album will see The Bunnymen, still lead by the indominable Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant, revisit some of their greatest songs to rearrange and transform them with co producer Andy Wright…and strings and things.

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon

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  • A1. Bring On The Dancing Horses
    A2. Lips Like Sugar
    A3. Nothing Lasts Forever
    A4. The Somnambulist

    B1. Rescue
    B2. Rust
    B3. Angels & Devils
    B4. Bedbugs & Ballyhoo

    C1. Zimbo
    C2. Stars Are Stars
    C3. Seven Seas
    C4. Ocean Rain

    D1. The Cutter
    D2. How Far?
    D3. The Killing Moon

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