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Dizee is trying to rewrite the UK underground rulebook, from Hip Hop which he slips into with ease (check 'Jus A Rascal'!), to Garage ('I Luv U' with its prototype distorted electronic kid 606 beats) to a hodgepodge of distorted beats and wobblying basslines.


There are 15 tracks to choose from and Dizee excels himself with dope production, recruiting rhyme masta Wiley to help on "2 Far", complete with staggered beats and fast rhymes, to 'Stop Dat', a killer bass workout with jumping rhymes that flow over the square wave madness that Dizee conjures up so ruthlessly. All in all a fresh and cutting take on the evolving UK scene from one of the new kids on the block that hits all sorts of beats and styles.

Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner

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  • 1. Sittin'Here

    2. Stop Dat

    3. I Luv U

    4. Brand New Day

    5. 2 Far

    6. Fix Up, Look Sharp

    7. Cut 'Em Off

    8. Hold Ya Mouf

    9. Round We Go

    10. Jus A Rascal

    11. Wot U On

    12. Jezebel

    13. Seems 2 Be

    14. Live O

    15. Do It

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