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It's finally here! The deluxe reissue of Ben Kweller's classic debut album, Sha Sha. This triple-vinyl extravaganza features the OG album remastered by audio legend, Howie Weinberg plus 22 previously unreleased rarities including demos, B-sides, and live recordings all from the Sha Sha era.

Ben Kweller - Sha Sha (20th Anniversary Deluxe)

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  • DISC 1

    Side A
    1. How It Should Be (Sha Sha) - feat. Kimya Dawson 
    2. Wasted & Ready 
    3. Family Tree 
    4. Commerce, TX 
    5. In Other Words 
    6. Walk On Me

    Side B
    7. Make It Up 
    8. No Reason 
    9. Lizzy 
    10. Harriet’s Got A Song 
    11. Falling


    DISC 2

    Side A
    12. Falling - Brooklyn Demo 
    13. Walk On Me - Brooklyn Demo 
    14. Lizzy - Brooklyn Demo 
    15. Lizzy - LA Demo 
    16. Ballad of Wendy Baker - Brooklyn Demo

    Side B
    17. How It Should Be (Sha Sha) - Brooklyn Demo 
    18. Walk On Me - Live at The Double Door 
    19. Make it Up - Brooklyn Demo 
    20. No Reason - Brooklyn Demo 
    21. No Reason (feat. Nils Lofgren) Live at The Marquee


    DISC 3

    Side A
    22. Today
    23. Psycho Girl 
    24. I Have The Power 
    25. Kokomo (with Adam Green) 
    26. Debbie Don’t Worry Doll 
    27. My Drug Buddy - Live at The Mercury Lounge

    Side B
    28. SHS-10r 
    29. It’s Up To You 
    30. It’s Up To You (feat. Evan Dando) Live at The Brattle Theatre 
    31. Undone - The Sweater Song (feat. Juliana Hatfield) Live at Fletchers 
    32. Lollipop 
    33. It’s Not Fair

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