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"Guero" is already being heralded as one of Beck's finest albums and it sees a return to collaboration with producers The Dust Brothers (who last worked with him on "Odelay"). Gone are the melancholic acoustic vibes of "Sea Change", well mostly anyway - there is still some melancholy (and a few guitar twangs!) in amongst the "Odelay" style funky loose grooves, hip hop loops and samples. But don't think that this is by any means a step backwards, the reference points and influences on "Guero" are much wider and more refined than "Odelay" and the whole feel of the album is more cohesive.

Beck - Guero

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  • 1. E-Pro

    2. Qué Onda Guero

    3. Girl

    4. Missing

    5. Black Tambourine

    6. Earthquake Weather

    7. Hell Yes

    8. Broken Drum

    9. Scarecrow

    10. Go It Alone

    11. Farewell Ride

    12. Rental Car

    13. Emergency Exit

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