Travis – 10 Songs

After listening to 10 Songs the ninth studio album from Travis I find myself asking the question do we spend enough time appreciating Travis for who they are? Travis are not a band that push musical boundaries or reinvent themselves with their albums. What they are however is a band who stay true to their own values, understand exactly who they are as a band and in so doing are incredibly great at being Travis. Since 1997 Travis have been given the world songs that just make you feel good, make you feel happy and make you believe in life. Given everything that 2020 has given us so far surely there can’t be many walking planet earth who could argue with what it is that Travis do. 10 Songs has arrived at exactly the right moment to give us a feeling of warmth, friendliness, nostalgia and love that we are all crying out for. This is a perfectly polished pop album with amazing production that allows every song to instantly stand out and fill your room with such a pleasant sound. Waving at the Window opens the album in such a confident manner; the piano and bass in this song will grab hold of you in an instant. The Only Thing for me is one of the best songs that Travis have ever written. It is beautiful, poetic and heartbreaking all at the same time. The combination of Frans voice with Susanna Hoffs (Bangles) is an absolute joy to behold. The lyrics are genius “You are the record in the record shop nobody wants to buy”. Further stand outs on the album include Butterflies a very gentle, sweet and melodic song that will be sure to win the hearts of many. I love the way the song gracefully moves into an uplifting chorus that will be sure to brighten up your day. A Million Hearts is a ballad to believe in. As with the opening track it is the combination of piano and bass that hold the song together allowing Frans vocals to weave their way inside your head and feel for Fran as his heart literally breaks within these lyrics “You’re one in a million hearts / Letting go of you is tearing me apart”. A Ghost has an upbeat tempo that is impossible not to tap your feet, clap your hands, nod your head too and basically feel great about life. Final mentions go to Kissing in the Wind a song that could only have been written by Travis. This song has that classic Travis formula that has made the band so successful over the years and seen many people fall in love with the band and stay true to them over the years. Nina’s Song a song that sounds like it has come from a more simpler time, a time when there was less to worry about. The song builds in a marvelous epic way and honestly will give you some respite from all the troubles in this crazy world right now. Travis bring the album to a conclusion by Fran telling us that “He woke up feeling shit this morning” in No Love Lost. This album will have the opposite effect on many, if you do wake up feeling shit start your day with this album and you will soon be ready to start the day. Music is always about how it makes you feel. Travis may not be critically acclaimed, may not be the most inventive of bands, and it may be all to easy to turn your nose up at them. However, I don’t think anyone can argue that Travis make people feel good and fill the listeners with positivity. Travis make the world one that is full of friendship, fluffy clouds and rainbows and right now that is world that I would love to be part of.

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