Track Round Up: July 2020

There is so much great new music around at the moment. Some of us have more time than we have had for a while to discover new music. Here are six of the tracks that are inspiring us here at AMP HQ during July.

SZWE – No Justice No Peace

A short clip from the official video of “No Justice No Peace” which will be releasing soon!👏🏽 Huge thank you to everyone who’s supported the song and donated!! Shot and edited by; Tom Howitt👏🏽 — SZWÉ (@SizweCh) June 24, 2020

SZWE is a 22 year old singer, rapper, producer songwriter born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Cwmbran in South East Wales and currently based in Aberystwyth. Adam Walton and Bethan Elfyn have been hugely supportive of this talented artist, BBC Radio 1 have also started to play his music. His latest track ‘No Justice No Peace’ is arguably one of the most powerful and important pieces of music that will be released for the current times that we are living in. The opening lyric “2020 got my scared to be a black boy” will instantly make you stop dead in your tracks and focus on the words and the beats that you are hearing. “For people thinking that the UK is any better / to my country hope you’re listening / here’s an open letter”. The track is full of powerful statements and gets the message across in an awe inspiring way. Please spend time listening to this track, reflect upon every word that you hear, ask yourself questions, be prepared to challenge yourself and don’t stop talking and thinking about the message behind ‘No Justice No Peace’. The track will soon be getting an official release, in the meantime listen back to Bethan Elfyn’s Wales Mix Vol 35 and prepared to be inspired to change the world.

El Goodo – The Grey Tower

The Grey Tower is the latest single from one of Wales’s best kept secrets. El Goodo are one of those bands that you want to keep to yourself, however, you know that is an incredibly unfair thing to do. They are a band that as many people as possible need to know about and in fact should know about by now. It really is a mystery why bands like this do not sell millions of records. The Grey Tower is five minutes of psychedelic pop genius. The track will give you a legal and healthy out of body experience. The melodies, guitar riffs, percussions and vocals swirl around in a such a way that will fill your world with an incredible amount of colour and happiness. This is the first taste of what the new album Zombie which is out on 7th August through Strangetown Records, has to offer. If the rest of the album continues in this way we really are about to have something special coming our way.

Sonny Winnebago – Little Sun

Have you ever wanted to capture one of those endless summer days? You know the ones I am talking about, those magical days where you just sit somewhere special; a beach, a mountainside, a river and have nothing to do other than just watch the world go by, look up at the clouds and daydream. The latest single ‘Little Sun’ by Sonny Winnebago released through Phwoar and Peace goes a long way to doing just that. Everything about this song captures those feelings of a summer day that you never want to end. The gorgeous sun kissed melodies, dreamy vocals, perfect song structure all combine to ensure this is a song you will not forgot in a hurry. ‘Little Sun’ will definitely feature heavily on my soundtrack to Summer 2020 and will guarantee many happy times for us all.

Rosehip Teahouse – Regretting It

‘Regretting It’ is the latest track from a very talented singer songwriter from Cardiff Rosehip Teahouse. For anyone familiar with the songs of Rosehip Teahouse you won’t need me to tell you how honest and sweet her songs are. Listening to her music you instantly feel that this is a singer songwriter who uses songs as a way of describing her feelings, like so many of us using music as a way of getting through hard times in our lives. ‘Regretting It’ is a wonderful song full of honesty and meaning. Reading the information about this song on Bandcamp we are told that the song was written from a place of feeling overwhelmed, making decisions that were not the most positive and trying hard not to sink. Knowing this it further highlights how important music is to songwriters and all of us who love music. Music is the perfect medicine and helps us to deal with whatever life may throw at us.

Cian Ciaran ft. She Drew The Gun – Keep The Darkness Out

‘Keep The Darkness Out’, released through Strangetown Records, is the combination of two breathtaking creative minds, Cian Ciaran and She Drew The Gun. The swirling darkness of the electronic vibes form the perfect partner to the poetic lyrics that highlight so many flaws of the world that we live in. This track will inspire you to allow the creative side of you room to breathe. We have to beat the darkness that shadows over this world and the arts is a surefire way to get the message out there that we won’t stand for all the evil that lives in this world. Cian Ciaran has an album out towards the end of the year which sees him collaborate with a number of musicians including Steve Mason, be sure to not let this pass you by.

CAT SFX – Doom Generation

‘Doom Generation’ is the debut single from Cat SFX released through Creation23 the latest label from Alan McGee. If that alone is not enough of a reason to get behind this track then I don’t know what is. If you have Alan Mcgee behind your music then you know it is more than worthy of our time. ‘Doom Generation’ is full of passion and energy, it comes charging at you at breakneck speed. The guitar riffs and hooks collide to give us one very memorable and special pop song that you will get stuck inside your head. Lyrically the song takes a big swipe at society and the way that people are exploited by organisations that only care about making money.

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