Track Round Up: August 2020

Every week I have the pleasure of hearing so much great new music, there really is not enough hours in the day to write about all the tracks that are improving the world we live in at the moment.  Here is a selection of six songs that are on heavy rotation at present.  To those that we have left off, that does not mean we love you any less.

Ivan Moult – What More Could I Say Having new music from Ivan Moult is always a cause for celebration here at AMP and after spending a few days in the company of What More Could I say the latest single on Bubblewrap Records this is a celebration that is likely to continue for quite sometime.  What More Could I Say is such a beautiful and peaceful song that will instantly make you feel so much lighter as any worries you may have been carrying will drift away.    The B-side to this single is a cover of Britney Spears Toxic an undeniably great pop song.  Ivan has spun his own web of magic to this song giving it such a compelling and haunting sound that will have you all hanging on tightly to every sound you hear.  Ivan is such a unique and mesmerising artist who has been enriching our lives for the past eight years.  Hopefully a new album will be with us in the not too distant future.

bubblewrap.collective · Ivan Moult – What More Could I Say?

Aisha Vaughan – Say Something Say Something is the new single by Aisha Vaughan.   Like with a lot of new music I owe so much to Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales.  For the past few weeks I have literally stopped dead in my tracks whilst listening back to Adams show and Say Something is being played.  My dog has not been very impressed as our walks are slowed down whilst this song is on but seriously I defy anyone not to put the beaks on whilst listening to this fantastic piece of music.  It is such a delicate, interesting and awe inspiring piece of music.  Lyrically it is something so many of us can relate to, especially the line “We’re afraid of the young and afraid to get older”.  Please listen to this song you will fall in love with what you hear. 

Aisha Vaughan · Say Something

Campfire Social – Awake in the Wake of a Wave Do you want a single that will instantly uplift you?  Instantly make you feel more positive about the world and once again believe that all hope is not lost?  Yes, of course music is powerful enough to do all of that and more.  Awake in the Wake of a Wave is exactly the song to do just that.  This is the latest single from Campfire Social one of the worlds best bands (not that it is a competition).  Every song  this band have released has certainly improved the corner of the world that I live in and I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way.  Awake in the Wake of a Wave is quite simply a perfectly crafted pop song that should be playlisted by every radio station across the world.  Try and listen to this song without smiling, clapping, dancing…..I guarantee that I am setting you up to fail with that challenge.

Aderyn – Lucozade Its amazing what can be achieved in just over two minutes.  Lucozade is a self released single from Welsh singer songwriter Aderyn and manages to achieve so much in such a short space of time.  Lucozade is such a care free, fun, life affirming pop song that can lay claim to being a modern day great piece of pop music.  The verses are laid back, innocent sweet and very dream like before a chorus that will be left firmly embedded inside your head.  It always amazes me how much fun can be had listening to music.  It does not matter where you are or who you are with.  When you hear a piece of music that moves you and has an effect on your life and can make you happy in that moment you know you are onto a good thing.  Lucozade is the perfect tonic for those moments.

Blaktrix – Dumb Blaktrix has recently released a new EP Dumb on Winger Records.  I am sure there are many out there who have previously been blessed by the sounds of this amazing artist, that is a claim I can’t make.  Dumb for me serves as my entry point to the wonderful mind of Blaktrix.  I could have picked any track from this seven track EP which is full of beats and rhymes that command your attention.  The opening track Dumb provides as the perfect introduction to Blaktrix and the EP as a whole.  The drum roll at the start sucks you straight into the track.  The lyrics and the beats blend together in such a fascinating way that will see your jaw drop to the floor as you allow Blaktrix to take hold of your life.   The lyrics perfectly describe everything that is wrong with the world at present “We’re getting dumb in the head /cos we only really care about what dumb man said”.  The EP is available as a name your own price from bandcamp.

Private World – Birdy Birdy is the third single to be taken from the forthcoming debut album Aleph from Cardiff based band Private World.  Aleph will be released through Dias records on 28th August.  After hearing this single I am counting down the days until the album is released.  Birdy is a phenomenal pop song that combines synths, guitars, soft vocals and uplifting melodies that result in a piece of music that is more than worthy of your time.  It can be easy to take what we hear for granted when we hear a song on the radio, without stopping to think of how the song has been created.  Birdy is one of those songs where it is clear the band have thought carefully about every sound we hear and combining all these sounds in a thoughtful and intelligent way to create a song that will bring pleasure to all that hear it.

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