TJ Roberts – Love, Loss and Other Useless Things

When an album is released in the run up to Christmas and the end of year charts are being compiled there is always a risk of that album getting lost.  One thing a band can do to make sure a release at that time of year is not overlooked is to make sure the album is phenomenal which is exactly what TJ Roberts have done with their second album Love, Loss and Other Useless Things.   I gave the album a quick listen on release then told myself I would spend even more time with this album during my time off, and what a perfect way to spend time that was and still is.   This album filled my home with so much joy and optimism whilst taking down the Christmas decorations this year.  Lets face it as we slowly crawl into 2021 the country is in desperate need of optimism and something to look forward to right now.  If you recognise any of those feelings within yourself then please get yourself a copy of this album now. Battling For Facts opens the album and in an instant the listener will be fully tuned into what this band is all about.   This song and this album as a whole captures the sound of music made by people who are clearly friends, love being in each others company and love creating music together.   The rhythms, melodies and vocals in this song and throughout the album are uplifting nuggets of joy.   Love The Crash is such a sweet, daydream of a song full of positive and summertime vibes; which, whilst writing this on what certainly feels like the coldest night of the year is something that I am longing for.   The Redundancy Song has one of the happiest melodies I have heard for quite sometime, this is a song that will definitely put a great big smile all over your face.  This song as so many are on this album is a perfectly crafted pop song. I think by now even the most casual reader of this review will know how much I love this album.  The lead single Passed Out On A Hollywood Star is a perfect driving anthem.   Not that we can go far at the moment, however, better days will return and there is nothing I would love more right now than to be driving to a festival with this song on the car stereo.   Somebody’s Someone will allow you to close your eyes, switch off from all the horrors that are taking over this world and just drift away to a place of peace and love.   Boy Without A Band comes across with so much romance and nostalgia.   I love the parts were the drumming gets very gentle and holds the song together in such a memorable way.  The lyrics highlight why TJ Roberts are everything a band should be “Death to all the cynics”.   Perfect piece of advice for everyone to follow. I Hope We Never Slow Down closes the album in a wonderful thought provoking way.  Continuing with that feeling of optimism, believing in yourself and wanting to do things your own way.  “We can feel so much better when we make our own weather”.   From listening to this album I strongly get the impression that TJ Roberts have no intention of slowing down, and no intention of letting go of their creativity and passion for recording and releasing music they love in a way they want to do. Love, Loss and Other Useless Things is available as a CD or at a pay what you can afford price on bandcamp.  Please go and enjoy this album right now and if you are in a position to send some money the bands way then I know anyone reading this will do the right thing and support our amazing musicians during these times.

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