Tim Burgess – I Love The New Sky

If you are looking for inspiration, looking for someone who constantly pushes the boundaries, tries his hand at new things and strives to bring communities together then you need look no further than Tim Burgess. Although, I have to be honest, there are times when as soon as I hear the name Tim Burgess I instantly drift back to the 90s and see him as the lead singer of The Charlatans, its only when you remind yourself of his work with and outside The Charlatans that you are truly reminded of his greatness. As well as fronting one of the greatest bands of my generation Tim has written three books, has his own record label, his own Coffee Brand, has united people during lockdown through Tim’s Twitter Listening Party and now released his fifth solo album, I Love The New Sky.

Press play on I Love The New Sky and I dare you not to start singing ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ by The Cure, go on try your hardest not to…..you can’t can you. The opening for ‘Empathy For The Devil’ plays homage to The Cure clearly a band loved by Tim as they are referenced later in the album. The song goes on to romantically sweep you off your feet with soaring melodies that will leave your glowing from the inside out. ‘Sweetheart Mercury’ has so many colorful dreams all colliding with each other as they leave you with a sense of optimism for summer days ahead. The lyrics within this song appear to be Tim’s message to his son “I named you after me”. ‘Comme D’Habitude is a fascinating pop song that takes the listener on a journey you want to repeat over and over again, so many different musical styles are embraced here.

‘Sweet Old Sorry Me’ proves to the world that perfect pop music still exists, I love the laid back feel to this track, the gentle vocals that Tim gives combined with the an infectious chorus. ‘Lucky Creatures’ has a very dramatic opening that will make you pause whatever it is you are doing and allow this song to take over your entire being as you allow each and every sound fill your heart and soul. ‘Only Took A Year’ has such an innocent feel to it, sitting in a bedroom trying to write a song, talking about favorite albums. This is such a fun song wrapped up in playful melodies that ensures you have a big smile on your face.

‘I Got This’ will be remembered for the lyric “I am doubting all the doubters who have doubted me” such a sound piece of advice for anyone and an encouragement to constantly believe in yourself and don’t let anyone get you down. ‘Undertow’ has a right to claim itself as a modern day great, the combination of Tims voice and the piano allow for this beautiful yet sometimes remorseful song take over you. Tim appears to be reflecting upon a lost friendship, “Its too late for any kind of sorrow”. For those of us who have ever had dreams, still look for dreams, and hope that those close in your life have dreams then ‘Laurie’ is a song that you will certainly relate to, “Laure it doesn’t matter where you are going baby, all that’s important is that you’ve been dreaming lately, the whole world is there to discover if you need adventure”.

All that’s left to say is a massive Thank You and a big virtual hug to Tim Burgess for giving the world such a wonderful, uplifting album in I Love The New Sky. Tim, you may not realise how much you mean to people, but we will forever be grateful.

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