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2020 for me and I am sure for many of us has been a year to remind us the importance of looking after our own Mental Health and being there for others when needed. Spending time in nature, reading, listening to music, writing, spending time with family, being truly grateful for everything I have in life are all things that has helped me survive 2020. Life doesn’t need to be full of grand gestures we need to appreciate the small things. Now we have a debut album Positive Mental Health Music from Tiña that does everything the album title suggests it will do. There has never been a more perfect time for an album that deals with the subject of mental health. Positive Mental Health Music is a true, honest reflection of a song writer who has clearly had his own battles and has dealt with them in a beautiful, therapeutic and poetic way through this album. I am sure writing this album was a great help for the songwriter, and I have no doubt this album will be a great help for those that let it into their lives. The opening song Buddah instantly captures the intention of this album through the lyric “ I hope this song does something for someone, if not at least I’ve wrote a song”. Each and everyone of us have moments where life is a struggle and it is songs like these that reach out, show us we are not on our own and give us much needed warmth and comfort. Musically the album is a big slice of psychedelic pop that allows the listener to drift away to a world full of colour and optimism. I Feel Fine is the perfect example of this, the drums that lead the opening sounds to this song and the guitar riffs that join with such sparkle and dreamlike qualities will firmly take hold of your life. If we were living in a different time I would give anything to hear this band playing in a dark sweaty bar where your feet stick to the floor. Years ago AMP had the pleasure of seeing Soundtrack of Our Lives in TJ’s, a gig that changed our lives and one that still feels fresh in the memory. Listening to this album makes me think, how if we were able to go to gigs right now seeing Tiña live would have a very similar effect on us. Golden Rope is the standout pop moment on the album. The joyful rhythms and melodies ensure this is a song you will return to a great deal. Which given the lyrical content of the song is a very important thing to be doing. This is a song about suicide and the importance of making sure that we talk about mental health as frontman Joshua Loftin tells us “Lets talk about Mental Health”. Dip gives the album a magical moment where some of the dark clouds have started to drift away and light, optimism and hope has started to come back in “You, who me, yes you, its time to dance!”. Life doesn’t instantly go back to normal, anxiety and fear will always be there for many but there are moments when people can jump out of the chair and just dance without a care in the world. People brings the album to a close a song that has to be the anthem for the times we are living through. A song about better days to come, a song about people joining together and living in a world of hope, togetherness and learning from each other. “People, hey people, people come on, people let’s go for a walk in the world, We can learn something new from each other”. Hopefully I have summed up the importance of Positive Mental Health Music and how much this album is needed in todays climate. Now it is over to you, go and have a listen to the album right now and make your own minds up.

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