The Royston Club – Mrs Narcissistic

There are times when all you need to make sense of the world is a four piece band who clearly love being in each others company writing and performing life affirming pop music.   The Royston Club from Wrexham tick all those boxes and more.   The band have recently released their latest single Mrs Narcissistic which will ensure we all leave what has undoubtedly been one of the worst years for this planet in an incredibly uplifting way. Mrs Narcissistic is perfect in so many ways. The opening guitars will instantly grab your attention, the bass and drums will see you leap out of your seat and leave you full of confidence and ready to chase your dreams.  The vocals are the perfect fit for the sounds we are hearing.  The song is crafted with so many pop sensibilities the verses and the chorus weave beautifully throughout, the melodies are some of the happiest melodies you are likely to hear.  The lyrics are full of reflection “So as I sit down, and I wonder what went wrong”.

The Royston Club are not re-inventing the wheel here, before anyone says this type of music has been created so many times before, there is nothing new to hear her.  Well if anyone does feel that way about this wonderful band then they are completely and utterly foolish.   There is always a place in my heart for bands like The Royston Club, it does not matter how old you get or how many times I hear bands like this.  What matters most is how this band makes you feel.  The Royston Club make me feel the world is mine for the taking, the make every night feel like a Saturday night.  I am ridiculously excited that there are still bands out there making music in this way.  It is so carefree and full of youthful energy, that makes me want to go back to those days where every night of the week would be spent with friends jumping around in small independent venues. In a previous world I am convinced Mrs. Narcissistic would have sold a ridiculous amount of physical copies.  Sadly we now live in the world of streaming where singles don’t sell and bands like The Royston Club don’t earn the money they deserve from streaming.  What you can do though is show your love and support for the band, tell everyone you meet and I do mean everyone how Mrs. Narcissistic is the greatest pop single of the year and you need to follow The Royston Club with a great deal of interest over the next twelve months.  This is a band who we will be hearing a great deal more from and will be sure to continue to brighten up our lives. 

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