She’s got Spies – Super Sniffer Dogs

Super Sniffer Dogs is the new single from She’s got Spies an artist who until I heard this song was unknown to myself.  Hearing this song receive its debut radio play on Janice Long’s BBC Radio Wales show I instantly reached for my notebook to remind myself to listen to more from this very interesting and uplifting artist. If like myself Super Sniffer Dogs is your introduction to She’s got Spies I have every confidence in saying you will not be disappointed and you will listen to this song on heavy rotation.   This is one of those really special and powerful songs that quite simply makes you happy and feel good about yourself.  The twinkling piano sounds that open the song are one of the most joyous sounds you will hear today, the bass gives the song an uplifting bounce that will take over you.  Go on admit it, you body is bouncing up and down as you listen.  I refuse to acknowledge how anyone can not be moving and smiling whilst listening to this song.

shesgotspiesmusic · Super Sniffer Dogs (single)

Lyrically this song has a very serious message and conjures up images of two sides to cities and towns.  The difference between the wealthy and housing estates that are not given the support that they need.  It is that message combined with the joyful melodies that really make this a single to treasure.  It gives us much needed happiness given the times we are living in whilst highlighting many of the social and economic problems at the moment. The musician behind She’s Got Spies is Laura Nunez.  There have been an impressive roster of musicians associated with She’s got Spies including Matthew Evans (Keys), Andy Fung (Derrero), Pixy Jones (El Goodo) other band members include Gareth Middleton and Mel Beard.  There is a previous album to explore and wrap your ears around if you have yet to do so the debut album is a Welsh language album called ‘Wedi’. We have all read recently about how this disgusting Government simply do not care or value the arts and creative people that make our world so amazing. In fact I don’t think they care about anyone other than themselves.   I could summarise every piece of writing at present by thanking artists such as She’s got Spies for everything they do, so please keep creating, keep believing and never consider retraining. 

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