She’s Got Spies – Isle Of Dogs

A few weeks ago there was a lot of excitement at AMP when we heard Super Sniffer Dogs the new single from She’s Got Spies. A song that we described as one of those really special and powerful songs that quite simply makes you happy and feel good about yourself. The song also has a very serious message in the lyrics conjuring up images of two sides to cities and towns. The difference between the wealthy and housing estates that are not given the support that they need. The song is a juxtaposition which gives us much needed happiness given the times we are living in whilst highlighting many of the social and economic problems at the moment. We have now had the pleasure of sitting down, spending quality time with the album Isle Of Dogs and I am pleased to share my joy and excitement towards this second album from She’s Got Spies with everyone I meet. Isle Of Dogs is a collection of twelve songs that will be sure to leave on imprint on your soul. Every song you hear will gently weave its way inside your head and leave you transfixed by the swirling melodies you hear. Mariah Pariah comes charging at you with infectious guitars and hypnotic percussion before a chorus that gives you no other option than to join in. The first thing that grabbed my attention in Despair Over Here is the sweetness in the vocals that allow us to follow this song, embrace all the sounds we hear and go on a wonderful journey of mystery and delight. All Outta Tears sees Laura Nunez the musician behind She’s Got Spies take on some interesting thoughts “I went for a walk again this evening but it’s all the same”. If anyone has ever felt everyday is the same, or been in a place where you just need to escape from but not quite sure what direction to take then this is a song that you will find comfort in. The album continues with so many interesting moments, and sounds that will intrigue and inspire us listeners. Harasho is a shining example of this wonderfully talented musician as Russian is introduced to the album. This song highlights how universal music is, you don’t have to be fluent in Russian to appreciate this fantastic upbeat pop song. The same feelings can be applied to both Cwympo and Wedi Blino two Welsh Language songs again uniting the world through the power of music. Before leaving you to enjoy the album for yourself I want to give notable mentions to Vietnam and Mank Shoreshank two songs that have so many cheerful moments and irresistible catchy lyrics that should come with a warning that you may well wake up in the middle of the night singing. Where Did You Go brings this album to a close in a very graceful and elegant way. The strings in this song are full of emotion. The lyrics once again are from the heart and allow the songwriter to ask questions and for us listeners to use songs as a way of healing and moving on with life. “Where do you go caught between this world and the next / where are your memories when you’ve lost your mind / You recognise me but you don’t know who I am / Its hurting you even more than me.” Isle of Dogs is an album that highlights why now more than ever we need to support our musicians. Allow musicians to be creative and inspire us The world is in desperate need of healing and music is going to be a way that will allow us to heal and feel better about the world we live in.

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