Sera – When I Wake Up

Are you looking for an album that contains a dazzling array of sounds, a kaleidoscope of colour all colliding with each other to create songs that you will instantly fall in love with?  If the answer to that question is yes or maybe then you need look no further than When I Wake Up by Sera.  If you answer to that question is a no; then perhaps you need to ask yourself why wouldn’t you be searching for such a beautiful thing? Sera is a Welsh singer songwriter who was selected for BBC Horizons 2019-2020, she is also part of the band TAPESTRI with Lowri Evans and one half of Eve and Sera with Eve Goodman.  Hopefully by now you will recognise the talent Sera has.  She really is a musician you need to be paying attention to right now. When I Wake Up is a collection of eleven songs that provide us with plenty of narrative and thoughts about life and decisions that are made.  One of the many highlights and examples of this is Boxes a glorious and earth shattering song that deals with the subject of holding on to things, asking the question why we hold onto things and store them into boxes?  When is the time to let go of things?  I for one can certainly relate to that.  I have a collection of memories stored in boxes around the home very reluctant to let go of them. The album contains some great pop songs including the opening song Rabbit Hole which immediately draws you into the album and before you know it you will be tapping your feet and singing along.  Into The Woods which builds slowly and dramatically before lifting us up into a chorus that will loop around our heads and thoughts for quite sometime. Boudicca is a phenomenal pop song.  If anyone does not feel a great big smile start to appear on their faces whilst listening to this song then I wonder what it would take to make such a person smile.  Switch was chosen as the lead single from this album, and it is easy to see why.  The violins and electric guitars drive the song in a very passionate way.  You can hear the vocals singing every word with meaning “Can my life be my own for the first time / Can my mind be my own for the first time”. The album is given a very tender, sweet and heart warming moment with Old Soul.  The strings are so gentle they will instantly wrap themselves around you and hold you tightly.  The lyrics are written from a place of love “And I will kiss you now / Love you in anyway I know how”.  The vocal harmonies give the song that extra bit of emotion and old fashioned romance that the world never tires of.  Paper Cuts also has a very honest and contemplative feel to it.  Many of us have been with someone when you feel that it is only you and that one other person who shares those moments with you and understands life in the same way as you.  Paper Cuts appears to deal with those feelings as Sera sings “You and I are on the inside / Everyones on the outside looking in”. Sera has given us an album to cherish, an album that is quite simply beautiful pop music. If you are a fan of this artist already then you do not need me to convince you that When I Wake Up will will enhance everyone’s record collection.  If you have stumbled across this review and have not yet had the pleasure of listening to Sera then I urge you to take a chance.  Treat yourself to a copy of When I Wake Up and I can guarantee you will feel incredibly happy and proud of yourself for doing so. 

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