Sault – Untitled (Rise)

Living in a world where there is information overload. Where we feel the need to reach for our devices and find out as much we can about bands / artists / everyone and everything. I find it so refreshing to have a mysterious musical collective walking this planet who we know very little about in this digital age other than the fact that they are creating incredible music. Sault are said collective, or artist / band we just don’t know. In June Sault released Untitled (Black Is) a twenty track double album which is one of the most important albums you are likely to listen to this year. The album was released shortly after the unnecessary and horrific death of George Floyd. The album deals with the systemic racism throughout the world; inspiring us to question everything and want to do something to make this world a better place. This album is a voice to every society throughout the world to say enough is enough we do not have to live this way we need to make change happen and ensure this world is a more equal place. In such a short space of time Sault have given us another album in Untitled (Rise) that is yet another contender for album of the year. Two albums in twelve weeks is unheard of especially when they are both world shattering and full of inspiration, there is absolutely no comprise in quality with this latest release. It is amazing what you can do without having an active social media presence, without having to go through the usual promotion cycle of conducting interviews, performances etc. Untitled (Rise) is full of ideas and creativity. It is a melting pot of pretty much every genre of music you can imagine and mixes these genres with a big dose of class. Trying to unpick this album in a review and draw your attention to certain tracks seems somewhat pointless. From the moment you press play and Strong starts to fill the space between your ears you will be hooked I guarantee. You will be pulled in by the rhythms, the beats, the melodies, the bass, the grooves, the funk, the soul, the vocals and every other marvelous sound you hear throughout Untitled (Rise). This is one of those truly special albums that will captivate each and every one of you. There are not enough adjectives and superlatives in the English language to capture how brilliant this album is. Just as with Untitled (Black Is) Sault have given us an album that we absolutely have to engage with. The messages within these songs are more than worthy of your time. These are not albums to put on whilst your go about your daily routines. These are albums to spend time with, listen to the lyrics and think about what you can do to make the world a better place. The politicians and those in power don’t seem to care much at the moment. We have to believe that change can come from people. Sault have given us two albums this year to motivate us and inspire us to engage with the issues that are dividing our societies, get involved with organisations that are committed to making a change and believe this world will become equal. Whatever plans you have next in your life please cancel them. Get yourself a copy of Untitled (Black Is) and Untitled (Rise). You will feel alive, you will be educated, you will question your place in the world together with any privilege you may have and be filled with hope and optimism that the world will one day be a better place. Which, after spending sometime with both these albums is what I believe Sault want to achieve through these releases.

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