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Hearing some good news is always a thing to cherish.  Its nice to have a break from all the doom and gloom, all the moaning about things that aren’t really important; such as what are essential and non-essential items in a supermarket.  People clearly have lost sight about what is essential.  The good news story this week for me, and this is clearly something that is essential is the news of a new record label based in Cardiff called Rose Parade Recording Company.  The inspiration for the title of the label has come from the beautiful human being that was Elliott Smith. “So won’t you follow me down to The Rose Parade?” – E.Smith The label’s website clearly sums up what this label is all about, and highlights why this label is such a welcome addition to the music scene right now.   This is a label that has joined the industry for all the right reasons.  The label is committed to transparency and equality.  They strive to collaborate across communities and work with unique and inspiring artists.  They are aiming to create a long-lasting creative relationship with the artists and fans.  Given everything that has happened in 2020 how can anyone argue with a mission statement like that.   This really is a label that we all need to support and get behind as much as we can. The roster on the label so far includes Shreddies which is the solo project of Welsh musician Josh Dickens. If you need to be introduced to Shreddies then have a listen to snakeskin and I am sure you will be drawn in by the beats, melodies and cosmic sounds that will engulf you.   Sam Barnes who I am sure many of you will already be familiar with.  AMP magazine first fell in love with Sam Barnes through his music with Shoebox Orchestra.  If for some reason The Colour of Two did not enter your world when it was released in 2015 go and check it out now.  You really will thank me for it.  Sam is also the bassist in the much loved Boy Azooga.  If that wasn’t enough he has also provided soundtracks for film, television and theatre.  I am ridiculously excited to hear what Sam is going to be releasing through this new label. The third act on the roster for Rose Parade Recording Company are Tj Roberts who earlier this year released Sinceridipity on another one of our favorite labels Libertino Records.  Their latest single Passed out on a Hollywood Star is the first release for Rose Parade Recording Company and is an absolute gem of a single.  It’s a song that will take you back to a different time and just make you feel great about the world around you.  The song has such an uplifting feel to it that everybody walking planet earth right now needs in their life.

TJ Roberts have also announced that their second album Love, Loss and Other Useless Things is set for release through this wonderful new label on 08th December 2020.  Now that is something we can all look forward to. Hopefully you will be sharing my excitement for this new record label.  Please go and spend some time reading more about this label and what they are hoping to achieve.  Three artists are signed up already and I am sure more will be soon to follow.  So many of us fill our world with beautiful music and we want to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about the world and what it is they do.  Rose Parade Recording Company are everything and more that we could want from a record label.

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