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Seven Years have based since Cardiff based Quiet Marauder released their 111 track debut album MEN.  Yes you did read that right, if this is the first time you have come across Quiet Marauder their debut album contained 111 tracks and had a running time of almost five hours.   The band have now revisited this album and recorded some of the songs in a new EP Tiny Men Parts.  The first thing to say is this is an EP that the world is in desperate need of right now, I don’t think anyone can argue that we could all benefit from a nine track EP that is going to make us smile and jump around with joy. The first taste we had from the EP was the single Eggs which has been swirling around my  head for the last few weeks.  This is a great energetic single that highlights all the different types of Eggs available.  I never thought the subject of eggs would intrigue me in such a way, however this song has certainly made me pay more attention to the eggs I eat.  All of this is done in such an infectious, delightful and happy way that will be sure to bring so much pleasure to all that listen.

Quiet Marauder – Eggs!

Bringing pleasure to listeners is a phrase that could be used to describe everything song on this EP.  I Want a Moustache Dammit is a tribute to that legendary Burt Reynolds Moustache and how so many boys throughout the years have longed to be able to grow a moustache of such stature.  You will be chanting along and smiling whilst listening to this song.   The dance remix of this song that ends the EP adds some more color and delight to this fantastic song. The songs on this EP deal with the theme of toxic masculinity, lad banter and gender inequality.  That clearly comes across in Lucky Tonight, which captures the darkness of lad banter and lad nights out where talk is of getting lucky tonight.  It Wasn’t Me, It Was The Moon also captures these themes and men not taking responsibility for actions and looking for someone else to blame.  These songs should be on heavy rotation in certain town / city pubs on the weekend and try and make certain men think twice about the way they act and behave. The Animals Are Spying on Me is another song that is set to cheerful melodies, vocals and choruses that will capture your imagination.  I will certainly think differently about my cat the next time I see him staring at me.   Roda and The Bunker comes at us in such a sweet and uplifting way, yet underneath the surface is a song that appears to be about being made to do things you don’t really want to do.  The Business Deal and The Internal Monologue Date as with everyone song on this EP reminds us of how much we miss live shows in our beloved small independent venues.  We have missed gigs so much in 2020, however, this EP has captured those feelings of being together in a small venue with like minded people all sharing a moment together. Quiet Marauder are one of those bands that we all need to treasure.  They are creative, unique and through releasing a 111 track debut album have shown they will not compromise their beliefs to fit into what the industry wants.   This sister EP is one that does not require as much of your time and attention so if this is your introduction to the band you really will be amazed.  From my own perspective as someone who grew up listening to John Peel, when I hear music I often wonder what would John Peel have thought about this band / song.  I am 100% sure that John Peel would have absolutely loved Quiet Marauder.  

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