Quiet Marauder ft. Kadesha Drija – Will I Remember to Remember?

After last weeks release of the new single from Ritual Cloak, Bubblewrap Collective are treating us to yet another jaw dropping single.  This week we are finding our lives enriched by the new single from Quiet Marauder – Will I Remember to Remember?  Being the main writer for AMP for all these years I often feel that I repeat myself when I declare my love for songs and make grandiose statements about how much I love the songs I write about.   However, I assure you none of my writing is fake.  AMP has only ever written positive reviews about music that we love and my love this week is this new single by Quiet Marauder it truly is such a heart wrenching and beautiful piece of music. Will I Remember to Remember? Has such a melancholic and reflective tone to it, which allows us to take a trip into the world of the songwriter.   The song appears to be taking us on a journey to a childhood home, and looking back at this time in life and how we remember these times as adults.  Remembering the impact significant events have had on us as children and what we do with these memories and how they go on to influence as as adults.   I may have interpreted this completely wrong, but that is the great thing about songs, once they are released it is over to the listener to interpret in a way that is meaningful to us.    These thoughtful lyrics are all wrapped up in some very gentle melodies, instrumentation, effective arrangements and vocals that all combine to give us a song that will be sure to leave a mark on our lives. I urge you all to spend as much time as you possibly can listening to this song, you have no excuse as we all have more time to appreciate things and what better way to spend your time than appreciating songwriting at its very best.   If you want something to look forward to then put a big mark on your calendar for 09th April as that is the date Quiet Marauders new album ‘The Gift’ is released, if this single is anything to go by then we really do have something special to look forward to.

bubblewrap.collective · Will I Remember To Remember?

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