Mace the Great – My Side of the Bridge

Have you heard the name Mace the Great?  There is a good chance that you may have due to two incredible singles Brave and Established both released last year.   If you did not have the pleasure of hearing this singles, now is the time to stop what you are doing and listen to his latest eight track EP My Side of the Bridge.   This EP is the sound of an artist who is about to explode and take over the world.   That really is not an overstatement.   There are times in music when you hear a collection of songs and instantly get a feeling that these songs are going to resonate with so many people. Listening to My Side of the Bridge one of the things that really stands out is the work that Mace the Great has put into achieving his dreams.   This is the sound of an artist who knew from an early age that he had a story to tell, he had a voice to share with the world and did everything and more that he had to do to ensure that people stopped and took notice of him.   The second track on the EP Going Off highlights that very point.  The determination and uniqueness of Mace the Great is evident throughout this track, “Stop comparing myself cos I’m rare and they can’t compete with me in my zone”.   This track is full of determination and self belief all played out over stand out beats and menacing rhythms.

Trenches follows with more passion, honesty and raw emotion.  This lyrics flow in such a magical way over some intense and suspenseful sounds.   Once again we are given lyrics that will inspire so many people.  If you have a belief and hunger for something just go for it and don’t let that dream ever die.  “I Got the same hunger from like 16”.  Listening to Mace the Great it becomes apparent that this is an artist who loves his city Cardiff.  The title track throws arms wide open and invites people to come to his side of the bridge where you will be made to feel welcome “come my side of the bridge you’ll never get lost if I give you a tour”.   The opening track on the EP A Boogie gives a big shout out to “Cardiff City in the building”.  The reference to Freddy Krueger in this track is also genius “I pull up in dreams like Freddy”. Every track on this EP deserves your time and attention.  Dis One comes charging at us in a fast and furious way that will get deep inside your soul.   Deeper will take you on a rollercoaster of a journey with sounds that will swirl around your head.   Endz is another piece of genius.  Here Mace the Great takes on the responsibility of providing inspiration to others.   This is an artist who is not going to forget where he came from, and will do all he can to inspire others.   Lost sees Mace the Great reflect on his journey and how hard he has had to work to get to where he wants to be “In my mind I’ve been lost just trying to get to the top”. My Side of the Bridge is an EP that we are going to be talking about for a long time to come.  There will be a day in the not to distant future when Mace the Great is headlining the pyramid stage at Glastonbury and this will be the EP that took this incredibly talented, hardworking and honest musician to the next level.   

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