MÊL – Cusco

Writing for AMP magazine is such a privilege. I have said that many times before and no doubt will keep saying it as it does not hurt to take time, reflect and appreciate how great it is to be writing about the music we love. We build up relationships with bands, artists, record labels, pr companies many of whom share our values and passion about music. Every so often we get sent music to listen to from a label and before even listening to it I know I am going to love what I am about to hear. That is exactly what happened when we got sent the latest release from Libertino Records Cusco by MÊL. Cusco is the third single from MÊL, a band who are full of creativity and have an imagination that is unique to Wales. That may sound a bold statement and perhaps raise questions as to how an imagination can be unique to Wales but is something that I truly believe in. Think of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Keys, El Goodo, Super Furry Animals, Soft Hearted Scientists, Colorama, Melys, Sweet Baboo, John Mouse to name just a small handful. These are artists full of imagination that could only have come from Wales. After listening to Cusco several times you can add MÊL to that illustrious list. Cusco has a dark hypnotic rhythm and infectious melodies that will instantly see you put you entire faith in this band. Listening to this song I imagine a lot of people following the band into some dark woods being guided by the stars and the moonlight to sit around a fire, tell stories and just have a great time in each others company and forget about any troubles that may exist. You may feel different and rightly so, as music is all about how the listener is moved whilst listening to a song. For me Cusco is one of those songs that invites you to close your eyes and to be open to the possibilities of escapism. Listen to Cusco now, and I have every confidence you will play this song more than once and will be following MÊL with a great deal of interest over the coming months / years.

Libertino · MÊL – Cusco

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