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Creation Records, Sub Pop, 4AD, Fierce Panda, Moshi Moshi, Domino just a small handful of record labels who have helped to shape the world we live in. All the great record labels are those that believe in the artists they are supporting, allowing the artist to have the creative space they need to create life affirming music. In Wales right now there is a label that rightly deserves to be held in the same regard as the aforementioned greats. That label is Libertino Records home to so many incredibly artists. The Label is run by Gruff Owen whose own words perfectly sum up everything a record label should be; “I strongly believe that art should be inclusive and not exclusive creating a community from grass roots level. Libertino’s aim is to give artists a platform from which to fly and how to fly successfully. Come join us on this musical journey to the open horizon” Gruff Owen – Libertino’ You only have to listen to the latest release from the label SYBS – Anwybodaeth to see the words of Gruff Own matching the music his label put out. This single is a colourful, creative passionate and exciting piece of music that will be sure to blow your mind. Watch the video below and I guarantee your day will improve tenfold.

Libertino · SYBS – Anwybodaeth

We have also recently had releases from TJ Roberts with Sinceridipity another great pop song that is full of hooks and a chorus that leaves you with no choice but to sing along and forget any woes you may have. Keys who have found the perfect home on Libertino. Their single This Side Of Luv is one of if not my favorite singles of the year. AMP attributed the following words to this single at the time of release; “Out of darkness comes joy and happiness, that is the most poignant sentiment I can apply when thinking of how important the new single This Side Of Luv from Keys is going to be to the times that we are living in. With a new album Home Schooling out on 21/08 we really have so much to look forward to.

Libertino · KEYS – This Side Of Luv

We also have to thank Libertino for releasing the debut album from Kidsmoke A Vision In The Dark earlier this year. An album that has not left my stereo since its release. For many of us it has been a long wait for the debut album from Kidsmoke. I can assure you the wait was worth every minute as this is one of the albums of the year if not album of the decade. Have a listen to Layla’ Love a majestic pop song more than worthy of your time.

Kidsmoke · Layla’s Love

As you look through the array of artists on the roster of Libertino Records it truly is a family of creative masterminds. Adwaith, ACCU, Alex Dingley, Berichiau Hir, Hotel ET Al, ILU, Argrph, Kim Hon, Los Blancos, Melm Papur Wal, Silent Forum, Tacisdermi, YNYS. There really is something for everyone here. Music should never fit neatly into boxes, should never be easy to define or categorise into genres. The artists that are part of the Libertino family clearly do not fit neatly into any other genre apart from one that could be summed up neatly as simply BRILLIANT. If that wasn’t enough to convince you why Libertino records are a label we all need to be eternally grateful for they have just released a new T Shirt. The T-Shirt is available to pre-order until 24th August. All profits from the T-Shirt will go towards two incredibly important charities Tarian Cymru and Race Council Cymru.

Go on do the right thing, place your order now.

Gruff Owen and everyone involved at Libertino Records I am sure I speak for so many of us when I say we owe you so much. Thank you for allowing artists to take their time, allow their minds to flourish and provide them with the perfect home for the incredible music they make. Go and browse through the collection now, and if you are able to do so purchase some music you will instantly feel better for doing so.

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