Liam Gallagher – All You’re Dreaming Of

Writing this piece the day after the news that all of Wales and a lot of people in the UK are going back into lockdown (although it has pretty much felt like one lockdown since March), it seems apt that much of today has been spent listening to the latest single All You’re Dreaming Of by Liam Gallagher.  My 12” vinyl copy arrived on Saturday as a christmas gift from the team at AMP and very much lifted my mood and spirits.   Liam released this wonderful new song in November to get us all into the festive spirit which is needed now more than ever. All You’re Dreaming Of is a beautiful, tender classic ballad that is overflowing with charm, warmth and innocence.  Throughout the years Liam has never once tried to hide his love for John Lennon, a man whose spirit certainly shines through in this song.  Not just in the vocal delivery but the gentle piano melody is very Lennonesque.   This is a song that will instantly take you back to simpler times, whilst filling you with hope and optimism for better days that I know will return again.   This really is a perfect song to end the year, the piano, strings and vocals all combine in a way that will even make the grinch feel festive.   The lyrics are classic Liam, he may at times portray the tough man image but Liam has always been a man with a very big heart.  I could highlight every lyric in this song but the ones that really did it for me were “Oh What are you dreamin’ of? / Is it the Kind of Love / That will be there when the world is at its worst? / That will cover you with kisses unrehearsed? / When you’re losing ground still tell you that you’re worth”.  I don’t know how anyone could not want that form of love given what we are all living through at the moment.

Liam Gallagher – All Your Dreaming Of

At the time of writing All You’re Dreaming Of is one of the biggest selling singles of the year and is in with a very good chance of being Christmas Number 1.  Yes, I am fully aware that singles sales and Christmas Number 1 do not hold as much importance amongst the general public as they used to.   That will not stop me checking the charts on Christmas Day to see whether this does take the Number 1 slot.   If you are in a position to do so please buy this single and if you are lucky enough to get the vinyl version it is comes with a very fragile acoustic demo version on white vinyl it really is a gem to own. One final reason to purchase this single Liam will be donating all profits to Action for Children UK to support the work they do with vulnerable children and young children throughout the UK.  This further shines a light on the good heart that Liam has.  Enjoy this song, and stay safe during this festive period. Peace and Love.

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