Keys – This Side of Luv

Out of darkness comes joy and happiness. That is the most poignant sentiment I can apply when thinking of how important the new single ‘This Side Of Luv’ from Keys is going to be to the times that we are living in. Pop music has always been a vehicle to lift us to places we can only dream of. No matter how much of a struggle life can be at times and how you may feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel, a three minute pop song can arrive and before you know it your head is held high, you are standing on top of the world and ready for whatever is being thrown at you. ‘This Side Of Luv’ certainly ticks all of these boxes. The melodies, harmonies and sheer ‘wall of sound’ production attack you at full speed. The chorus will instantly find a place inside your conscience and will stay with you for days to come. You will be out of your seat dancing around your living room, garden, kitchen or wherever you may be holed up and all your cares and worries will instantly vanish. I fail to believe that any human being could not be moved by this song. You will be deeply in love within the first thirty seconds and if you are anything like me you will be playing ‘This Side Of Luv’ over and over and over again. I especially love the fade out at 3:25, you think the song is coming to an end then the drums pick back up and we are treated to an extra twenty seconds of joyful sounds. ‘This Side Of Luv’ was written and recorded on cassette four track machines during lockdown; there are no expensive studio productions here. However, you really would not realise this has been recorded at home. The production and song-craft here are the product of incredibly talented musicians. Matthew Evans is arguably one of Wales’ greatest songwriters and has given the world an eclectic collection through both his time with Murray the Hump and The Keys/Keys. We really need to stop and appreciate how lucky we are to have songwriters and bands like this amongst us. ‘This Side of Luv’ is out on Libertino Records tomorrow (17th July 2020). Make sure you get your copy and allow this song to become the soundtrack of your summer and give you faith that better days will return to this earth again. In the meantime have a listen below:

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