Keys – Home Schooling: A Collection of 4-Track Rarities

Without a doubt the greatest musical gift we have to thank lock down for is the new album Home Schooling from Cardiff based 5-piece Keys.  I have never shied away from declaring my love for Keys and before that Murray The Hump.  They are without a doubt one of life’s treasures.  Home Schooling was not planned, it was only last year that Keys gifted us with Bring Me The Head of Jerry Garcia, however when lock down happened Mathew started writing songs as a form of therapy, a way to keep calm and make sense of this crazy world we now live in.  Libertino Records fell in love with the songs the way they were and allowed Keys to get this incredible album out into the world to be loved, cherished and enjoyed by many for eternity. The album opens with This Side of Luv which comes rushing towards you at full speed.  The chorus will instantly find a place inside your conscience and will stay with you for days to come.  You will be out of your seat dancing around your living room, garden, kitchen or wherever you may be and all your cares and worries will instantly vanish. Phases has such a romantic and wistful feel to it.  It could be the soundtrack to the most peaceful daydream you have ever had.  The Strain continues to allow us to sit back relax and just enjoy the simple things in life.  These opening three songs have such another world feel to them, yet do not sound out of place in this time or any time yet to come. Every song on this album fills me with joy and optimism.  Further highlights include Cargoes which has a very hypnotic and colorful sound to it drawing you right into the heart mind and soul of the song.  Your Name Across My Heart another sweet classic song that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling that you will want to feel forever.  Leave Your Mind Behind with vocals and melodies will very gently find their way inside your head.  This is one of those songs where you will hear something new on each listen.  Home Schooling is such a fun song the drum beats, guitars and vocals will give you a rush of blood to the head.  The lyrics will forever serve as a reminder to the time that we have been living through.  It is so sweet that Matthew has included his children in this track.  If you do not smile when listening to this song then your perhaps you have reached the point in your life where you take yourself far too seriously. Keys have shown that you don’t need big budgets, this was recorded at home in garages and bedrooms with the band socially distancing from each other.  Recorded on four track cassette machines and self produced.  Now I can’t sit here proclaiming to be an expert on musical abilities and production techniques, my writing has always been based on how music makes me feel.  However, I feel confident enough to say that as well as being a great song writer Matthew Evans is also a great producer.  The way these songs have been put together sounds incredible, and I am sure I am not alone when I say how grateful I am that the hisses have been left in.  To hear these hisses on a digital release gives this album such a natural feel to it. Home Schooling shows that if you have a band who simply love creating music, believe in the songs that they create and are doing it all for the right reasons then you can give the world a masterpiece. 

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