Kelly Lee Owens – Inner Song

Every once in a while an album is born that makes the world stop spinning.  An album that transcends all musical boundaries and genres.  An album that you can become obsessed with and get lost within the heart and soul of the album.  That is exactly what we have with Inner Song the latest album from Kelly Lee Owens an album that can rightfully lay claim to being one of those once in a generation albums.  That is not an overstatement Inner Song truly is that amazing. Arpeggi opens the album, I have to be completely honest here it took me a while to release this was a Radiohead cover.  What Kelly has done to this track is astonishing.  On follows with lush sweet dreamy vocals that glide so gracefully along the beautiful blanket of sounds that we are treated to.  The way this track blends perfectly into a pulsating techno ending showcases the genius that is Kelly Lee Owens.  Melt! is as hypnotic as music gets, you will be drawn in from the start and focusing intently on every sound that is being created.  Being focussed on Melt! is hugely important as Kelly deals with the topic of climate change and has used samples of melting glaciers during this track.  Re-Wild has a very dark and mysterious feel to it, the bass in this track will get deep under your skin.  Jeanette has a plethora of sounds waiting for us incredibly lucky human beings to wrap our ears around.  This track will be sure to brighten up your world and take you away to a very very special place indeed. We have reached the half way point of this fantastic piece of art.  I am completely in awe of every piece of sound I hear as I listen to Inner Song.  The rest of this review will not focus on every track as my words do not go anywhere near towards describing the greatness of this album.  Every track is different and will move you in a way that nothing else can.  I will give further mentions to a few more tracks including Corner Of My Sky ft. John Cale.  This is a track that will allow you to close your eyes and drift out into space and leave any worries behind.  John’s vocals and the gentle soothing swirling electronic sounds we hear are once again perfect. Night is an atmospheric track that weaves its way inside you.  Lyrically this is such an interesting track the first half is built around  Kelly whispering “It feels so good to be alone” the second half Kelly adds “with you” implying that this is about that moment when you are with someone and just want to be left alone with that person.  Wake Up closes the album in a very uplifting and joyful way.  It has the sound of coming out of the darkness and starting life over again.  Wake Up also serves as a reminder to us all to stop and appreciate the simple things that life gives us. When listening to and writing about music I often wonder how musicians manage to create  the music they do, where do they get their ideas from?   How can human beings be so creative and imaginative?  Well thankfully there are many out there who are able to create such amazing pieces of music.  Kelly Lee Owens certainly is one of those special individuals.  To create an album like Inner Piece is something we all need to be eternally grateful for.  The imagination Kelly must have to put this album together in the way she has where every sound we hear has been put there for a reason really is a mark of greatness.  Please buy this album now, you will not regret it.  

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