Joe Kelly and The Royal Pharmacy – Amber Glow / Carousel

You will have noticed I am sure the start of the seasons changing. The nights are drawing in. Those gorgeous autumn sunrises have slowly started to creep in, the leaves have slowly started to change colour. What better way could there be to soundtrack this wonderful time of year than with new music from Joe Kelly and The Royal Pharmacy who have spoilt us by given us two new songs Amber Glow and Carousel both written during lockdown. Amber Glow is the lead single and is one of those songs that you will fall in love with instantly. This is one of those classic timeless songs that will wrap itself around you giving you a big warm friendly cwtch that will make you feel so incredibly happy. Joe Kelly and The Royal Pharmacy have crafted a song that is driven by melodies, rhythms, percussion and vocals that all collide with each other in such a perfect manner. Wake up in the morning put this song on and you will feel ready to face whatever the day may have in store for you. Do radio playlists still matter in the way they used to? In the world that I like to live in they matter far more to me than Spotify playlists. Amber Glow is a song that would certainly improve the playlist of radio stations everywhere. The B-Side to this single (I loved writing B-Side). I miss B-Sides. Well Joe Kelly and The Royal Pharmacy have given us a B-side to remember in Carousel. This is such a gentle, wistful piece of music that will warm you during these Autumn evenings. As I listen to Carousel I love hearing the friendly acoustic guitar and soothing vocals gently float out of my speakers and fill my room with so much love and happiness. There are so many lyrics in this song that will conjure up images in your head and pull on your heartstrings “The mailbox growing heavy in the garden / cos love don’t live here anymore”. The lyrics also appear to be dealing with the subject of apathy amongst society at the moment “Well there’s no one on the picket line this morning / I guess nobody heard the news”. We are all missing live performances at the moment. I have had the fortune of seeing Joe Kelly live over the years and listening to these songs have made me realise that when the world is safe again and we can safely get to a local independent venue Joe Kelly and The Royal Pharmacy are going to be top of my list to see. Please stream Amber Glow and Carousel below if you want to test before you buy. When you see the little heart pop up telling you to open your wallet do not ignore it, do not head over to Spotify or other streaming services. Find £3 as music is something that we should not expect to get for free. Amber Glow and Carousel are certainly worth £3 of your hard earned money.

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