Jodie Marie – The Answer

The Answer is the third album from one of life’s superstars Jodie Marie, a singer songwriter who always manages to shine a light on the world. The opening song ‘You Are My Life’ is a song that will fill you with hope for the future and leave you feeling warm and optimistic. The gentle percussion that opens the song will have an immediate impact on you, and the moment you hear Jodie’s vocals you will instantly have the feeling that you are listening to an album that deserves to be heralded as modern day classic. Hold on a minute, I have just credited this album as being one of our greats and thats before I even mention the lyrics to this first song. Lyrics that are full of love have always been a weak spot of mine, and they don’t get much sweeter than “You are my life and I am so glad that I have met you”. Pop music is apparently not relevant these days, well I truly pity anyone who thinks that. Pop music is always relevant, there are still incredible artists out there writing life affirming pop songs and Jodie Marie is one of those talents. ‘Ain’t No Doubt About It’ is as perfect as pop music gets. The song opens with the chorus that will instantly worm its way inside your head and will be sure to stay there for a long time to come. ‘Carageen’ was released last year as the lead single. A song that stops the world spinning. All those thoughts that have been rushing around your head, all those things you have been putting pressure on yourself to do will just instantly vanish. The gentle melodies and soothing vocals provides a form of therapy that allows us to forget everything that is wrong with the world. ‘A Whole Lot of Loving’ and ‘Curse The Day’ both come charging at us in such a confident way. Every note that is played, every lyric that is sung during these two songs arrives from a place of honesty and self belief. Which is a great thing. ‘Kiss These Tears Away’ is raw, tender emotion at its very best. As with ‘Carageen’ this song gives the album a slow, thoughtful and reflective moment that will bring us all together in a world of peace and harmony. The ‘Answer’ has such a euphoric feel to it, the vocals are incredibly soulful, the melodies and percussion blend together to hold our attention. Do you want a love song that is going to move you in a way that you never thought possible? I certainly hope so as that is exactly what you are going to get with ‘Saving Grace’ the subject of this song is clearly two people who knew instantly they were to share their lives together and lived a life full of happiness and togetherness. “Heaven knows we’d find our way / From the first day that we met / Couldn’t wait to take your name / In a blue and velvet dress”. ‘Hanging by a String’ is arranged in such a thoughtful way that allows us lucky listeners to go on a journey with the musicians involved in this song and have our lives blessed by every sound we hear. The vocal harmonies on ‘Don’t Go Telling Me (That It’s Over) will be sure to make you smile, this song has such a classic pop feel to it. The guitars in ‘This House’ will drag you out of your seat and have you swaying from side to side and ensure your thoughts stay focussed on this song and nothing else. The Answer has given us pop classics, soul classics and love songs to live for so whats left. Well the final song ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m Gone) brings the album to a dramatic closure. There is such a timeless feel to it, that further supports my opening statement that The Answer is a modern day great.

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