Jodie Marie – Carageen

Are you in the mood to listen to a song that is going to transport you back in time? To take you away from all the troubles that are engulfing the world right now. To take you back to a more peaceful and simpler time. If the answer to those questions is a resounding yes then you really need to listen to Carageen the latest single from Jodie Marie. From the moment you press play on Carageen the part of the world which you live in will just stop. All those thoughts that have been rushing around your head, all those things you have been putting pressure on yourself to do will just instantly vanish. The gentle melodies and soothing vocals provides a form of therapy that allows us to forget everything that is wrong with the world in 2020; to live in the moment and be grateful for the small things we have in life. The song has been put together with a great deal of care and attention allowing the vocals and instrumentation to blend together in such a natural way. There are little twinkling sounds that appear and in so doing provide us lucky listeners with a perfect reason to smile. Carageen also gives us an education. I did not know what Carageen was until I read the info that accompanies this song. I now know that Carageen is taken from a lush seaweed that grows on the Welsh Coast. Jodie herself has summed up this song perfectly in the description where she says “There was a time I felt quite lost, the ocean was my safe place. I love how the sea is so big, it makes me feel insignificant – putting things into perspective.” That is a feeling that certainly resonates with me. I have always loved spending time at the sea looking out into the horizon (something that I have done a lot of these last six months). We all need perspective especially during these times and Carageen certainly helps to give us that.

Jodie Marie – Carageen

Both Bethan Elfyn and Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales instantly got behind this song and played it on their respective shows the weekend it was released. It will surely be only a matter of time before more radio stations start playing this blissful and innocent song that is full of love and happy times. If you want one final reason to celebrate the brilliance of this song, to buy it from Jodie’s bandcamp page it was co-written with the Ed Harcourt. Please take time out, you really do deserve it, treat yourself to this song and start to look forward to the new album which will be with us in early 2021.

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