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I have spent a lot of time feeling angry this year, a feeling that doesn’t come natural to me and a feeling I don’t like to experience.  That anger has been directed at those institutions that have been put in place to protect us and do right by people.  The last few years have seen these institutions doing the exact opposite of that and failing so many.  The world we live in has become a very divided and hateful place, a hatred that has been fueled by right wing Governments and a media controlled by the right.  Those feelings and thoughts I have been experiencing have been captured in such a beautiful and poetic way in Pop Up Jim Bob the latest album from Jim Bob (Carter USM). Jim Bob has such a talent in observing what is going on across the world and providing a perfect social commentary for todays issues.  Pop Up Jim Bob was written before COIVD 19 yet still provides the perfect soundtrack to these times, whilst painting a picture of the horrific post Brexit Britain that lies ahead.  2020 WTF captures everything and more in less than thirty seconds “2020 have you got no pride / you’re worse than 2016 when everybody died / your celebrities are stupid / your politicians are empty / 2020 WTF”.  Truce is pure poetry capturing images of London at war and asking questions about what it would take for all this fighting and division within our society to stop.  Jo’s Got Papercuts is written from the perspective of a person reading the news trying to figure out what is real and what is fake, “everyday she is doing her best to stay focussed / hoping that hope is not hopeless”.  A lyric that certainly resonates with me no matter how dark things may seem we have to hold on to hope that things will improve. KIDSTRIKE! is a powerful pop song full of inspiration, “these kids haven’t given up like we have / they’re not happy to sit back and relax / while their world burns”.  We have seen there is a generation out there who are having opportunities taken away from them, many of them are not prepared to let that happen to them.  Barry’s On Safari, well what can I say about this genius piece of music.  Every one of us knows a Barry described in this song.  That racist, horrible man in your town / city who knows it all and loves to boast to everyone that is within earshot about how wonderful he is and how he is always right “Barry’s in the pub, drinking for England, declaring his love for the United Kingdom”.  Thoughtsandprayers is another beautiful piece of poetry that will certainly make you stop, reflect and think about everything that is wrong with this world and what can we do to make it a better place.  Themes running through this song includes dying too early, animal cruelty, how the internet can be a dark and mean place, how teenagers are left with nothing to do due to cuts in youth services and the length refugees have to go to and the hostility they are still sadly met with by people within this country “to the NHS nurse told told to go back where she came from”. Pop Up Jim Bob is an album every single person in the world needs to listen to.  Anyone reading  this I am sure will already be on the same thought process as Jim Bob and will have empathy and understanding towards the matters raised in this songs.  Hopefully, this album will also reach those whose view points might not be so liberal and will make people think about how they lead their lives moving forward.  The world has to change, pop music can play its part in changing society and Jim Bob has given us an album that could go a long way towards piecing our society back together again.  

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