Introducing: Wyllows

The last few months have been very dark times for the world that we live in. Yet, however hard this year has been and the uncertainty around when this black cloud hanging over us will disperse, one of the bright sparks has been the way many of us have reconnected with music on a deeper level and used music to inspire and comfort us. We have used this time to become more creative, many artists have used this time to write more. An example of this has been the formation of Wyllows.  

Wyllows was born during lockdown as a side project for Ilana Held and Elliot Oakley. Many of you may already be familiar with this duo from their work with Glass Jackets. If, like me, you can’t make any such claim, I seriously recommend you also spend time catching up with Glass Jackets. It really will be time well spent.  

My introduction to Wyllows came through the first play of ‘Pebbles’ by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales. It really was love at first listen. Knowing that, you can imagine my excitement when a message arrived with AMP from Wyllows asking if we would be interested in hearing ‘Pebbles‘. There really was no debate about this; ‘Pebbles’ is a song I am interested in listening to for a very long time to come. It is such a beautiful, romantic song, full of uplifting melodies, and heart warming vocals. Lyrically the song appears to be personal and thoughtful “I’m so tired of myself, nothing left for anybody else, only pebbles in this wishing well”. A phrase that I have come to love when describing music is timeless pop music; ‘Pebbles’ easily fits that label. The chorus is one that in a perfect world would see radio stations across the world play listing this song and ensuring it reaches the audience it deserves. 

Pebbles will be available as a single in July and will shortly be followed by a three song EP.   If you want a sneak preview of the other tracks on the EP head over to Mintys Gig Guide where you can hear a lovely interview with Ilana and Elliot together with live performances of the songs All three songs during this performance sounded amazing especially ‘Time Moves On’.  

Wyllows are a true delight and everything the world needs in this moment. These are two musicians who sound happy within each others company. Once music venues can safely reopen and we can all go back to spending time with friends and being close to people sharing the joy and love of music Wyllows are definitely going to be on the must see list. 

Make sure you follow Wyllows on twitter and keep up to date with the release of this EP and any future plans they have.

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