Introducing: Elkyn

How are you feeling right now? Do you feel you need a moment to escape any worries you may have? A moment to escape from the daily pressures of life? A moment to escape from the 24 hour cycle of bad news? Well, if your answer to any of those questions is yes, then the tonic you are craving is Beech, the seven track debut EP from Elkyn.

Elkyn is 22 year old singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and all round talented guy Joseph Donnelly. Joseph, originally from York, began writing music that would become Elkyn whilst at University in Leeds, a place he now calls home.

Beech is not only the debut release for Elkyn it is also the first release for Tambourine Machine Records. The seven tracks on this EP are full of warmth, honesty, reflection and an overall loveliness that will make you all feel that this world is a safer place than the one the news leads us to believe. The guitar playing throughout is so delicate and intricate; the vocals are gentle, soothing and have somewhat of a friendly nature throughout. This is one of those EP’s where you can feel your world shrinking as you allow yourself to drift away with the sounds you are hearing, instantly feeling that you are alone with the songs and nothing else around you matters.

Don’t just take my word for how majestic this EP is, take a listen to the lead single Yue below. The guitar playing, peaceful melodies and hushed, echoey vocals will certainly hold your attention. The lyrics highlight the talent Joesph has in putting pen to paper, these lyrics are honest and from the heart; “I can’t pretend that I won’t miss you”.

Personally other highlights for me on Beech include ‘Here’, the pure emotion and sincereness of this track ensures Elkyn is a singer songwriter we need to be following with a keen interest. I love the way the guitar and vocals seem to be the perfect match for each other. Your mind will really be focussed on every sound that you hear. The way the track builds into a fascinating crescendo of sound towards the end and then slows back down takes the listener on an emotional journey. ‘Winter’, with the opening lyric “I’ve spent every night alone” again, allows us a moment to enter the world of the songwriter as he pours his feelings out into the song in such a genuine way.

If you love music that allows you to gain an insight into the life of the musician then Elkyn really is someone you need to set time aside for. Head over to bandcamp now where you can purchase the EP and you have my guarantee that you will feel so much better for doing so.

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