Ian Skelly – Drifters Skyline

Its always a great feeling when the postman delivers a record to your door, especially one that comes as a surprise from a friend who knows your musical tastes inside out.  That feeling was one that I had yesterday when the new album Drifters Skyline from Ian Skelly arrived to brighten my day.  My musical tastes range far and wide but one thing you can never go wrong with is anything that is linked to The Coral. Drifters Skyline is the second solo album from Ian Skelly the drummer from The Coral.  The album has a very smooth and laid back feel to it.  The melodies and lyrics are full of positive sentiments that will be sure to make each and every one of you happy.   Captain Caveman opens the album and will transport you to a peaceful place within a matter of moments.  Put this on and imagine yourself sat on a deserted beach watching the waves gently roll in and gazing out at the distant horizon.  Listening to the colorful lyrics gives you an insight into the mind of Ian as he sings with so much joy “Sha Lang, Sha Lang Oogum Boogum / Rolling Stones Flying Burritos and Country Joe / Watch Captain Caveman save the day”  That positive feeling shines through brightly in Over The Moon “I’m happy as can be / Love’s going to come to me. We all need to give this beautiful song our time and attention and it will remind us that there are times when we need to put the breaks on stop worrying about life and realise that in the end everything will be fine as Ian sings; “Everything’s going to work out fine / Its only a matter of time”. Joker Man is a great country pop song that appears to see Ian telling those close to him that nothing could change the way he feels, and that we have to lean into our own feelings and accept who we are.  “Mother, please believe me / You could not change the way I feel”.  The vocals on Travelling Mind are as summery as it gets.  The gentle upbeat melody is so infectious and will be one that you will be whistling for a long time to come.  Lyrically, again we have many inspirational and positive moments about about moving on in life and not clinging onto the past; “Got the open road to leave the past behind”. There are so many great songs on this album, including the title track Drifters Skyline which has a very far out feel to it.  Conjuring up images of a mysterious nights sky, not knowing where you are going but knowing that it is time to escape what may be holding you back “Meet me on drifters skyline / where the moon hangs big in your mind”.  Gold In The Mud which if someone had a gun to my head and made me pick a favorite song on this album I would probably go for this one.  I love the romanticism that is holding this song together “True love is going to find you someday”.  The tender guitar playing that makes everything else around you fall silent and allowing yourself the time to pause and listen attentively to this fantastic song.  Lady In Comus is probably the one track on here that could have belonged to The Coral.  This has that spooky spacey melodic vibe that The Coral did so well. Silver Song is a perfectly arranged song, that will have you focusing your entire being on the tunes and the words that you are hearing. Lyrically again we see Ian taking a very positive outlook on life and knowing that he will be fine with a bit more time; “All I need is time / One more day and I’ll be fine”.   Just to ensure we are not too relaxed Ian treats us to Wake The World to end the album in a louder way to make us jump out of our seats nod our heads and pump our fists in the air. If you want an album that will make you feel happy, relaxed and guarantee you retain a positive outlook on life despite appearances that the world may be falling apart, then Drifters Skyline is exactly the album you are desperately crying out for right now. 

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