Greta Isaac – Pessimist

Pessimist is the latest single from Greta Isaac, an artist who we have been huge fans of for quite some time here at AMP. Looking back through old reviews we have wrote it appears that eight years have passed since we first featured Greta in our magazine. At the time I remember being incredibly moved and swept away by the songs that Greta was writing and performing. Performances at Green Man and SWN festival have also held a special place in my memory. I have returned to the Down By The Water EP on many occasions since its release six years ago. Anyway this write up is not meant to be a history of this wonderful, creative artist this is about the present and the future that is sure to be an incredibly happy place in terms of pop music with Greta Isaac releasing new music. Pessimist is the perfect example of how to create a pop song. The song opens with an acoustic guitar melody that grabs your attention from the off. The drums soon add another dimension to the song and before you know it your whole life will be taken over by the rhythms, melodies, interesting sounds and layered vocals. I love the way the song quickly finds itself in a place full of euphoria. The Song also gives us listeners moments of confidence and belief in ourselves and that what we do is certainly good enough. I defy anyone not to chant along and join in when Greta sings “Yes It Is”. Greta says of the song “I wrote this song about seeing the contrast between having this very childlike carefree mindset and that suddenly switching into this negative, exhausted state of mind. This song is a perspective song, an ode to myself,” Given the year we have just had I think these are feelings that many of us can relate to. I am sure I am not alone when I say we have had moments this year where we have felt ourselves slipping into a negative and exhaustive state of mind. Music has certainly helped me on many occasions in my life and especially at the moment. Pessimist has arrived at exactly the right time to inspire and lift our mood. Pessimist has been played on Radio Wales and has been added to the stations A list. I also noticed it was played on Radio 1 recently (not that I have listened to Radio 1 in years) but being played by the station is a great achievement. With a new EP out in the Spring I am sure 2021 is going to be an exciting year for Greta Isaac.

Greta Isaac – Pessimist

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