Ghostlawns – Motorik

Another week and yet another album to get ridiculously excited about.  This year has seen so many great albums released.  There has been a plethora of inspiring artists full of imagination and creativity giving us sounds that allow us to escape to a different world.  Sounds that inspire and make you believe in the impossible.   This weeks release that is doing all that and more is the debut album Motorik from Cardiff based musical collective Ghostlawns. Members of Ghostlawns have also been a part of Right Hand Left Hand, Gulp, Gentle Good and Cotton Wolf.   Knowing that is more than enough of a reason for you to be excited by this collective.  If you do however, need one more reason to be excited by this album I can tell you it has been produced by Charlie Francis.  Now you know who is behind this collective and the producer of the album the next thing you need to do is to spend your money and treat yourself to Motorik.  You don’t need to listen before you buy get yourself a copy of the limited edition CD now and you will be dazzled by the enthralling sounds that you hear. The album opens with so much energy, enthusiasm and a truly wonderful zest for life with the pulsating Breaking Out that is a full of beats and rhythms that will ensure this album instantly takes a firm hold of you.  I have spent a fair bit of time worrying about the future this year, however the sound of the future is nothing to worry about.  We have an insight into that sound throughout this album.  There is a very futuristic sound underpinning the whole of Motorik none more so in Guppy.   The news may have made us scared of the future but if the sound of the future is Ghostlawns then there really is nothing to be scared of. Title track Motorik is an uplifting mesmerizing song that will draw you deep into the soul of this song.  The guitar lines and vocals during this song will be swirling around your head for a very long time to come.  By this point in the album you will be well and truly lost within the songs you are hearing.  Your body will still be on planet earth, but there is a really good chance that your mind will be elsewhere.  You could be drifting around in space or thinking about a future world where anything is possible.  Akademie is a wonderful example of how to write a song that captures the dreams of the listener.  Y Gorwel is such a positive song with uplifting synths that will make the dark clouds hanging over this world drift away and leave us with beautiful blue skies and sunshine. Everyone of us needs time to relax, perhaps more so now than ever.  The piano and daydream sounds captured within Friday Sky will provide the perfect soundtrack to those times when we just want to switch off.  Ffoi has a very warm and comforting sound to it wrapped up with some very catchy melodies and beats.  Pen mae’r adar yn canu is surrounded by mystery with some haunting vocals and some beautiful sounds that will conjure up beautiful imagery inside your head.   When in Cathays closes the album in a very epic way.  This is another one of those stand out songs that will give you a taste of the future and transport you to another world. I am writing this review a few days after the announcement of the shortlist for the Welsh Music Prize 2020.  The shortlist really highlights how eclectic and boundary breaking the music coming out of Wales is at the moment.  Motorik was released after the cut off date for the 2020 prize but is one that I would not be surprised to see on the list for 2021. 

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