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That feeling you get when you press play on a new release for the first time and find yourself being completely taken over by the sound you are hearing is a feeling I will never tire of. Listening to Epilogues should come with a warning sign so listeners cancel any other plans they may have as you really will have your life taken over by the sounds, lyrics and important messages that are contained within this beautiful EP. Through Me, Epilogues have given us a collection of songs that are full of emotion, honesty and what appear to be deeply personal songs. The song writer Mikey Donnelly has clearly used song writing as a process to help make sense of with what life has thrown at him. There are so many tender and fragile moments throughout this EP. The opening song and title track instantly sets out the intention of the EP “Hello again; its me / At least that’s who I think I am wearing; my character this week”. If that does not make you instantly freeze, forget the world around you and give these songs the focus they deserve then there is no hope for you. There are so many other lines in this opening track that highlight the songwriting genius we are dealing with here including “Got a job that I feel dead in and I drink away my week / I lie about my head and my heart to those who carry me”. So many people will be able to relate to that lyric, some may still be in that place and will instantly find comfort and a shared understanding through this song. Two Weeks contains vocals that gently float out of your speakers and instrumentation that is so delicate and fragile allowing you to focus on every single sound that is coming at you. The song builds in such a raw and passionate way that allows you to feel the emotion and gain an understanding of what the songwriter is feeling when pouring his heart into this song. Asprin follows with hushed vocals and delicate guitar playing that will again stir emotions deep within your soul. Gap brings the EP to a close in a way that I would consider to be hopeful and optimistic. Questions are asked here about the future and looking for a different life. “Let’s got to Paris / We can both quit acting, And count the days until we can start / Hopeless nomadic / Broken but romantic / I just want to be where You are. The way the uplifting guitar melodies come into the song on the three and a half minute mark give the EP such an uplifting and euphoric ending. When we come across songwriters who write songs with such honesty and emotion, deal with everyday life struggles that so many of us go through whilst giving us hope, optimism and joy. We really have to hold onto these artists, let them know how much they are loved and cherished and the importance their art gives to the world. Epilogues is certainly one of those gems.

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