Ennio The Little Brother – Goodbye, Magnolia Stump

I have recently found myself asking the question do release dates really matter anymore?   I used to think that I had to write a review as soon as an album came out or before the album release date.  Lately I have found myself leaning more towards the side of thinking that it really does not matter when you write about an album.  If you come across an album weeks, months, years after its release write about it talk about it and tell everyone who will listen how amazing it is.  Goodbye Magnolia Stump, by Ennio The Little Brother is an album which certainly fits into that trail of thought.  Rather than jump straight in with a review I have spent more time with this album and in so doing have fallen even deeper in love with it. The most important thing that I have taken from 2020 is the reminder of the need to slow down.  Many of us in this world are so fortunate and we really need to look around at what we have and appreciate everything we have in life.  Goodbye, Magnolia Stump gives us the perfect soundtrack to those times reminding us to take our foot off the accelerator, spend time with loved ones and truly be grateful for everyone and everything we have in life.  If watching the news gets you down, put this album on and you will instantly feel relaxed.   If you are going out for a walk and are lucky enough to have some countryside around you listen to this album through your headphones and those thousands of thoughts that have been clogging your mind will soon disperse and allow you to be truly present in the moment. If you live in a town or city again spend time in the company of this album and you will get lost wandering the streets and any weight you may be carrying on your shoulders will soon float away. Categorising this album is nigh on impossible.  Why do we do that anyway?  Why is there a need to put an album into a box and try and compare it to others.  Ennio The Little Brother is an exceptionally talented musician who has given us an album that transcends all musical genres and boundaries.  Do not allow yourself to be constrained by genres, please let this album into your life and you will instantly understand my enthusiasm for Goodbye, Magnolia Stump. I am sure you will pick this out for yourselves but I would like to highlight how important Wanna Talk is as a song.  The lyrics are deeply personal, the muscianship is just exceptional.  The song highlights mental health and the importance of being there for each other.  The song reminds us to ensure that people in our lives / communities know we are available to talk to.  Highlighting the importance of reaching out to someone, go and play a game of football, go out for a meal, go to a show, do whatever you can to show that person you are there for them.  Lets face it 2020 has shown us we have a Government that cares very little for the people, so we have to be there for each other.

There are so many moments on this album that will move you in a way that perhaps you did not think possible. There is such a melancholic, peaceful, nostalgic, uplifting, mysterious, sense of belonging, healing and romantic sound captured within these songs. The lyrics are personal and you can tell that every word is meant by the writer of these songs, none of this is fake. Every sound you hear is from the heart and us lucky listeners can feel the happiness, hope and pain that is captured throughout these twelve songs. I could try and describe every song but that really would not do this album the justice it deserves. Put simply this is a definite contender for album of the year. Go and invest your time and money in this album now you really will not regret it.

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