Elkyn – If Only It Was Alright Now

Back in the summer we had the pleasure of introducing to you Elkyn a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and all round talented human being by the name of Joseph Donnelly.  It was love at first listen as we immersed ourselves in the debut seven track EP Beech.  Hopefully you have also spend the last few months loving all the wonderful sounds that are captured in Beech, if you have yet to do so it is never too late. Now as we enter the cold winter months Elkyn is treating us to a new song If Only It Was Alright Now to warm us up on those cold winter days.  Joseph tells us that the inspiration for this song comes from one of his favorite books as a child The Voyage of The Dawn Treader.  Described by Joseph as “An island they discover on their travels but as they sail towards it they are met with a darkness where all their dreams come true, but it’s not what everyone thinks”.   Music, books and the arts in general are the perfect way to lead us to alternative universes to help us to escape and to lead a life that may not have been possible.  To ask questions, to inspire us and to help us dream.  Though using The Voyage of The Dawn Treader as inspiration and creating a song in If Only It Was Alright Now, Elkyn will provide the soundtrack to some much needed escape during winter 2020. Listening to If Only It Was Alright Now one of the first things that really stands out for me is the guitar playing.  There were guitars on the Beech EP however during this song I am hearing them in a different way.  The delicate guitar playing throughout this song seems to be really grabbing hold of my  imagination and giving the song a great deal of texture.  As we approach the two minute mark drums and bass are added which give this fantastic song a rich warm and dynamic sound that you will enrich your life.   As for the vocals, well they really are the perfect companion to the instrumentation we are hearing.  They are soft, tender and comforting and are an absolute pleasure to hear.

In the two releases we have had from Elkyn in 2020 it is clearly obvious this is a musician who loves creating music.  As we approach that time of year where attention turns to the new year and predictions / ones to watch lists are compiled I am sure Elkyn will be a name on many of those lists and is certainly someone I want to hear more from.

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