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Recently Daniel Ek CEO of Spotify made some horrendous comments showing just how out of touch his company is with music. His comments tried to shift the blame onto artists themselves for not making money out of streaming, stating that the days of artists releasing music every three to four years are gone and they need to release songs more often. You can’t dictate to a creative mind how often they need to putting out songs, it completely goes against what creativity is all about. Those comments also forget that many artists have to fit their music around their day jobs. Thankfully we have bands like El Goodo who clearly do not fit the model that Spotify wants. In a twenty year career the band have released four albums, the latest of which Zombie is available now and sticks a big two fingers up to Spotify and lends further weighting to the argument that you have to leave musicians to create music in their own time. El Goodo are a band that have for a long time held a very special place in my heart. They create music that takes its influences from days gone by, yet sounds unique to this wonderful Welsh band. Zombie opens with the dazzling melodic Things Turn Around which will instantly make you smile. Home is a perfectly crafted song with vocal harmonies and chirpy melodies that only those with a heart of stone would not be moved by. Lyrically this will resonate with those of a certain age who have maybe had their days out on the town and these days are quite happy and content being left alone at home. If you like your songs with a bit of a mysterious and spooky sound to them then I Can’t Leave will become an instant favorite of yours. On the surface Forever Casting Shadows has a very cheerful sound, however, please spend time with these thoughtful reflective lyrics of a life; “Drowning in your sorrows / Living fast and hollow / but you’re still your parents child / you were always thinking / of how it could have been / you tried to block it out by drinking / avoiding what was real”. The Grey tower is five minutes of psychedelic pop genius. The song will give you a legal and healthy out of body experience. The melodies, guitar riffs, percussions and vocals swirl around in a such a way that will fill your world with an incredible amount of color and happiness. It’s Been A While has such a relaxed and soothing sound that will straight away get inside your soul. With the help from Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo) on woodwind this really is a highlight on an album that has instantly become a stand out album of the year. The album contains thirteen songs I don’t think there is anyone on this planet who wants to read my thoughts on each and every track and find out why I love them all. Before leaving you however, I will share a few more thoughts including how refreshing Baneswell Blues is. There are so many different sounds to wrap your ears around during this fascinating and infectious song. The subject matter of this song appears to be about life in an area of Newport and what’s it like living there with nothing much to do. “Walk the slope / zip my coat / meet my man and collect my dope / and I’ll sing the Baneswell Blues”. ‘Sounds Good To Me’ is an instrumental that will make you all want to dance, smile and allow yourself to be consumed by a great big wave of happiness which you all truly deserve.

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