Doves – The Universal Want

Welcome back old friend.  It is hard to believe that eleven years have passed since Doves last released an album.  The world certainly is a very different place to what it was eleven years ago, yet listening to The Universal Want you are instantly filled with feelings of nostalgia and transported to a much simpler time.  The main thing that grabbed me when listening to The Universal Want is how incredibly tight and natural this all sounds.  I don’t think there are many bands who could spend eleven years apart, walk back into the studio and make an album of this quality. Our first taste of new music from Doves came with the release of Carousels which opens the album.  At the time of hearing the first play of this on Lamacq’s show I instantly made contact with the other half of AMP to ensure no one was missing out  on this return.  Carousels is an incredible piece of music, within the first minute you will be blown away.  The percussion, strings and overall sonic brilliance all combine to give us one of the most atmospheric, fascinating and uplifting songs we are likely to hear all year.  As for the vocals, simply perfect.  Jimi Goodwin spoils us with a melancholy sound that leaves us feeling warm and safe.  The song is about going to a fair as a kid and experiencing different sights and sounds for the first time.  Writing songs in this way is what has always made Doves stand out.  This song perfectly sets the scene for the journey Doves are inviting us on with The Universal want.  Songs which are full of romance which will lead the listener on a reflective journey inviting us to reminisce of days gone by. Some of the many highlights on this album include Broken Eyes which gives us another anthem to cherish.  There is a festival in a  future version of this world that is waiting for a crowd to be singing along to the chorus as the sun is setting “ I can’t help it if you don’t feel satisfied / You only ever looked at me through broken eyes / From the shortest of nights to the longest sunrise / Broken Eyes”.  Whilst we are talking of anthems lets turn our attention to For Tomorrow a haunting, passionate and heartfelt song that fills me with so much hope for the future “We will breathe again / no more sorrow / we will love again”.  This lyric is exactly where all our thoughts need to be at this current time. The word genius is one of those words that can be overused, I am probably guilty of that myself.  However, surely as a band Doves are more than worthy of that title especially as we digest and fall in love with Cathedrals of The Mind.  A truly beautiful, and memorable song about people who are no longer with us “Everyday I see your face / Everywhere I see those eyes / But you’re not there”.  This song was written with Bowie in mind.  I am sure there are many people in this world who will find so much comfort in this piece of music thinking about missed loved ones. Prisoners will engulf you with a wave of enthusiasm and passion for life.  You will be enveloped by the rolling drumbeat, together with the soaring guitars and vocals will instantly lift you high off the ground and ready to take on the world and all its troubles.  Final mention goes to the title track which is built around a truly glorious piano sound that is phenomenal.  The track builds in a very eerie way ensuring your attention does not waver for one second.  By the time the halfway point of Universal Want arrives you will be glad your attention did not waver as the song changes into a house track seeing the band going back to their earlier incarnation of Sub Sub. The Universal Want may not win Doves any new fans, but that is more a reflection on the status of the world today and the way people consume music.  What this will do though is re-ignite the torch that so many of us held for Doves for the best part of twenty years.  

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